Bag Spotting

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Spotted these two ladies with the Balenciaga bag… While Ms. Roshan paired a hot-pink bag with her rather casual avatar at the airport, Ms. Shetty went with a taupe one to complement her more dressed-up/conservative look. Am not sure the word “conservative” goes with a Balenciaga bag but am loving the taupe on Shilpa far more! You?

P.S: Camera flashes and flimsy jersey tees. There’s always a lesson to be learnt! :p

Left: Sussanne Roshan at Mumbai Airport
Right: Shilpa Shetty at IPL Auction

Photo Credit: BharatStudent, Daylife

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  1. it makes me so angry/sad/jealous when celebrities don’t ‘understand’ labels and wear them all wrong just cuz they can afford them! the balenciaga bag has been in my lust list for the longest time, but i would never, ever wear it how either of these ladies did – esp shilpa!


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