Keeping It Simple


Sussanne stuck to her style aesthetic by keeping it simple and minimal at Maheep Kapoor’s jewelry line launch. You like? I have to say I do; am very partial to gunmetal grey! :)

Sussanne Khan Roshan At Maheep Kapoor’s Jewellery Line Launch At Satyani’s

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


    • i know right, what’s to like or not like?! Anyone can this, my 6 yr old niece can do it!
      Suzanne is so vanilla to me, only thing that seems interesting is that tattoo of hers unless of course it’s a butterfly ;-)


  1. I think she looks HOT !!! Simple yet very elegant .
    I have noticed this on HHC that people tend to be negative on a particular celebrity even if that celeb is nicely dressed .

    I think we should criticize if the outfit is a mess but then start learn to appreciate as well .


  2. What i like
    1) metalic skirt suites her – As shorts it would be more funky
    2) shoes go with the whole outfit
    3) simplicity overall
    4) the tattoo does look better on her now health arm

    She should:
    1) invest in a bra that hold her girlie bits up, she seems to have bazoomas (never noticed that b4 :)
    2) see a credible hairstylist. and experiment with her hair ( i bet she just wants to stay safe – safe is never sexy
    3) i hate her pose which is more apparent when she wears anything mini. its too school girlish and destroys the SEXY -hence better longer gowns




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