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Sussanne attended Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations at Ekta Kapoor’s home and was seen wearing a churidaar suit from Gulabo by Abu Sandeep that she paired with a metallic bucket bag and her Gucci platform sandals.

Can’t say I liked the suit nor the footwear pairing but she looked comfy and that carries more weightage than an overtly curated uncomfy look.

Sussanne Khan
at Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

P.S: Please continue being cautious, double mask and get vaccinated when able to. Stay safe and well!

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She’s not an actress or dressing for the camera’s and stopped by a friends place? Maybe she just grabbed whatever shoes and bag was handy? I don’t understand why we have to critique everyone’s fashion choices at all times, Suzanne was definitely not even trying to be on HHC and will get a rude shock today ?

    • I do agree on ppl being allowed to dress relaxed but this isn’t one of those situations. . those shoes are so ugly that it’s not about them being the first thing she picked up. It’s about owning them. She’s got a face full of make up, blow dried hair, 2 different bags! it’s not like she was just stepping down to collect the parcel from the amazon guy and wore the crocs lying near the door! this is obviously a deliberate choice!

      Also she is a public figure connected with fashion and even co owns a fashion brand with malaika and bipasha. She’s done press conferences and fashion shows. Sorry but I think her fashion choices are allowed to be scrutinised!

  2. Gasp, how can one even buy these awful foot wear, leave alone actually sport them! Terrible terrible taste, and even worse – pairing it with such a charming outfit. Completely killed the look single handed, sorry double footed…

  3. Abu-Sandeep make the worst clothes. They have achieved the near-impossible by making chikankari tacky.

    Whatever are those ghastly gota florals? Why?

  4. Gucci, or not, those platform sandals are just plain hideous.
    The outfit is actually not bad (if you were to overlook those ill-fitting churidhars). Anyway, she was just attending a celebration at (presumably) her friend’s place. So she probably didn’t feel the need to make a fashion statement.

  5. How come such big famous designers make such ill fitting clothes? My neighborhood darzi can stitch a better churidar.
    I refuse to believe that she slipped on those ghastly platforms because she was just popping over to a friend’s place. She doesnt really have a great sense of style and her footwear choices are usually terrible.


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