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Sussanne opted for a lehenga by her favorite designer duo (Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla) to the Ranjan-Seal sangeet and while the neon cross-stitch embroidery was fun and playful, that was the only thing good about this look. The lehenga top felt very sports bra-ish and dated and that brown big LV clutch was completely out of place here.

Sussanne Khan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. It may not have been a big event for her but Atleast don’t embarrass yourself wearing such poor outfits. Don’t care much cause she’s not a actor, but is from that circle to dress better..

  2. Her skirt looks like Christmas ziploc bag pattern, I dont care for the blouse at all. But this is how it “should be” according to these women , so whatever

  3. Payal you are becoming increasingly more of an asshole. You used to actually like the celebrities’ or so it seemed, but now in some misguided search for relevance, you say nasty things. Why?

    Are you unhappy? Have you forgotten why you began this blog and how much joy you initially brought to us. See a shrink and find some joy.

    • Please do clarify where we said “nasty things”. We are critiquing the outfit here. You seem to be mistaking it as a critique of the person.

      • Pls let this comment be up Payal.. It’s funny esp the name etc. ! (On an aside: are they confusing you guys with one of the commentators?)

  4. Bollywood thinks they are in the Southern Hemisphere.. and summer is setting in. Else I cannot explain why they wear jewel tones and heavier clothes year round and come ‘fall winter’ they are mostly opting for summary lehengas. Since all the outfits are bad, I am now doing these subanalyis 🙂

  5. Could someone please explain why this lady who is supposedly a top interior designer has such terrible taste in clothes. She probably has an eye for style and is exposed to top designers and fashion. Yet she always turns up in ghastly clothes.
    Who in their right mind would agree to wear this lehanga even if it was a freebie. Yuck!!


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