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We won’t ever know what prompted Ms. Sen to pick this dress, the grandma style sports bra and the glittery harness

What we do know is that this was a ‘sheer’ WTHeyyy! No pun intended!

Sushmita Sen at Paris Hilton Bash

Photo Credit: Rediff, Viral Bhayani

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  1. Granted, it IS a WTHey, however, NOTHING like the Sussane Roshan WTHey of a couple of weeks (months?) ago which wasn’t classified as a WTHey. I know I am nitpicking but fair is fair (no pun!) 😀

  2. Such a lackluster party. Looks like it was last minute thing and everyone got a last minute invite hence the terrible outfit choices Total disappointment! 🙁

  3. although she has worn some pretty wacky outfits in the past, this is the first appearance of hers in which i dont think even her confidence and smile can help pull off this atrocious outfit.

  4. Is she participating in some weird S&M show? Just because this is a a bash for Paris Hilton, maybe she thought she had to dressed event appropriate…

  5. If there was some pink in the dress it would be perfect for a Paris Hilton bash 🙂
    But she does look amazing below the hips…good fit in the skirt and those shoes…yum.


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