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Kitsch, a luxury store in Delhi that houses international designers like Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney hosted its Spring Summer 2010 fashion show with models sporting some of the pieces that are going to hit the store come April. The star attraction of the fashion show was Ms. Sushmita Sen who looked fabulous in a Lanvin jumpsuit. I loved pairing of the chain belt and multiple necklaces with the jumpsuit but it was a bummer that most of the time the longer necklace kept getting stuck around one of the girls.


Left: Lanvin, Spring 2010
Right: Sushmita Sen at Kitsch Spring Summer 2010 Show


Sushmita Sen at Kitsch Spring Summer 2010 Show


Photo Credit: HT

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  1. does she look fab or watt!! but its a pity to see the necklace being naughty.. kinda takes away the attention from where it should be..

  2. It looks like that positioning of the necklace was almost intentional. If it was always like that, it must have looked funny like it does in the photos.

  3. Like I always say one word……..DIVA

    just love the accessories which enhances the dress as well her figure…
    the shoes dept do have scope to improve …but she carries everything so well one can hardly find any loops…

    go girl go …u always rockkk

  4. she looks awesome but it’s too bad about the necklace. it’s kinda like a wardrobe malfunction without anything actually being exposed.

  5. That jumpsuit is ugly and the necklace is all wrong for that look. Are we now going back to truly ugly designs from the 70s disco era?

  6. glad to seeee her like this! after a reaaallly long time. Though that jumpsuit is nothing great, she rocks in it. Looks ravishing. Only she can pull this look. Dying to see more of this Avatar and hope its not restricted to the ramp alone!

  7. d colors great n the chains r great….
    but i will say that this jumpsuit isnt doing any justice to her upper body, as its making her looks heavier on the top

  8. heeeee…. I smile everytime I see this! Too bad she’s not doing better in the acting arena. She’s got an amazing look and personality.
    and I hope to not see that jumpsuit off the runway!!


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