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Here we are trying to get Ms. Dutta to stop wearing those itsy-glitzy blouses but looks like all our efforts are failing. As for Ms. Reddy, the sari wasn’t so bad but that silver blouse: ghastly. A pink blouse (in a non-shiny material) and we’d be singing a different tune. Except, right now, all I’ve got in my head is Manfred Mann’s “Blinded By The Light..!”


Sushma Reddy At Gitanjali Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Hate the blouse looks more like a space bra or made with tin foil. EEEEwwwwwwwwwwwww….

    Hate the draping also. Is it the new trend to drape like this ? Recently saw this draping on Twinkle also.

    Like the smile , makeup and earrings.

  2. Really-just a variation in color and you would be singing a different tune? For me it’ll take a change altogether where she would actually wear a sari blouse contrary to whatever this skimpy thing is. I wish someone could heavily fine a person every time they kill the sari with lousy/lacking blouses and/or inappropriate draping.

      • A Pink cotton blouse wouldnt have worked with this saree… it would have become too much pink because the saree does not have any striking contrast at all. But it would have been better than the silver one, i agree on that.
        The work on the lower part of the saree looks nice, so maybe, a white blouse with the same kind of work in pink.

  3. Koel, that draping style is not new- if you ever tried on your mom’s sari as a kid you’d know what I mean;-) This is amateur draping at it’s best!

  4. and she’s so pretty too! such a shame
    honestly, if I was blessed with a face and body like some of these tackily dressed ladies, I would live it UP

  5. Payal, IMO even a pink blouse(in a non-shiny material) cannot salvage this saree! The design at the bottom is plain tacky….

    The draping is messy…


    LOVE the make-up!

  6. The women looks radiant! Don’t really care what she is wearing, some people just have IT. Why doesn’t she come in movies? She looks WAY better than the other reddy sisters..

  7. How can anyone feel comfy in that outfit…the draping’s bad..the blouse skimpy and bling . You’ll always have that fear of the saree falling off or the pleats coming off…whew!

  8. hehe. this shouldve been a saree used for love story 2050. weird shiny blouse reflects the sun off its surface… thus maintaining cool temperatures for the body..all in space.

  9. am i the only the one? this one works for me. I am against shiny in general and I can see she has tied the saree well but on a first impression, it all somehow seem to work. may be the face does that!

  10. Looks great overall.. and comparing to Mrs Khanna in similar outfit looks way better… and that million dollar smile could dazzle away any wardrobe errors…


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