In Swapnil Shinde


Surveen picked a custom high-low Swapnil Shinde number for a recent awards event. The mom-to-be’s accessories for the evening included Jet Gems jewelry and Michael Kors sandals. Dig the color. The dress itself, not so much.

Surveen Chawla At Filmfare Glamour & Style Awards

Surveen Chawla At Filmfare Glamour & Style Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. This color is available in fabindia kurtas too..why to choose this horrendous thing..pretty woman but wasted opportunity.
    And I genuinely don’t understand how expecting moms wear heels…it’s torture for the lower back.ouch!

  2. Looks like all the extra fabric from the original dress went into the cape. The 3rd and 4th pic makes it look like the heels can get caught in the cape any minute and she’ll fall flat on her face. Kudos for the natural poses and carrying off the look with confidence even though it does nothing for her

    • Because people are too busy comparing themselves to her and wondering how someone pregnant can be so confident and own it. I definitely like the look, the makeup and nude heels go really well with the dress.

      • Confidence has nothing to do with it. There’s no comparison either…even the same woman can’t compare her two pregnancies- physically or emotionally. Those who confess they dress shabby/ feel insecure/underconfident while pregnant may have their own genuinely restricting reasons for the same.
        The daily bread of these celebrities depends on looking “confident” even if it’s the most uncomfortable attire/shoes. That also explains how they bounce back to ” socially influence” people days after delivery proving how easy it is to bounce back to normal. What all goes behind that metamorphosis is not instagramed but obviously.

        The dress is weird in it’s design and that may be my personal perspective but the heels are forbidden from a medical point of view.

        But I think you need to go through it yourself to realize what’s the point here.

        • You’re right about everything you’ve said but that’s not really what I was talking about anyway. Read the comments – people are clearly comparing and also passing out “gyaan” about the type of dress and her choosing to wear heels. Like you said, no 2 pregnancies are the same.

          • People are passing on “gyaan” because “prevention is better than cure”.
            People are caring , not judging. During pregnancy every stranger we meet gonna give “Gayaan” it’s caring ??? be happy

  3. She is looking nice.. I am also pregnant and i compare myself to her… wow… I wish I had energy or body to even dress up better if not like her.
    I have seen many celebs wearing heels in pregnancy..may be they want to prove something.. anyways , it could be just for photos they are left alone and immediately after someone comes to help them with dress and shoes.

  4. Dress notwithstanding, she looks amazing! Beautiful colour on her, and she carries it with such ease. Could have done without those sleeves. And would have loved if she went with a fuschia or deep berry/plum lip.

    Impressive effort – I can barely manage to look presentable for work, and I gather if I were pregnant, it would be rather disastrous looks-wise (and otherwise). So kudos to her.

  5. I just had a baby and I can tell you I could wear heels during my pregnancy but couldn’t coz people’s overconcern. Medically it was about comfort and balance only. Every pregnancy is different so don’t genralise.
    As to the dress … Nice color but horrible dress… But she does looks cute.



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