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Ms. Goel was spotted wearing a Gucci Spring 2009 romper that she paired with a Bottega Veneta Karung knot clutch seen on her before here and Very Croise Louboutins seen also on Arpita (see here).

Love the romper and Surily did wear it well but the different hues of blue in the accessories and the eye-makeup didn’t really work for me. Too many distractions from the main item. I would have loved to see Surily wear the romper with the bronze heels on the runway and the clutch minus the blue eye makeup. You like?


Left: Gucci Spring 2009
Right: Surily Goel at Collective Fashion Show

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, daylife

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  1. i am very tempted to take ‘inspiration’ from Missoni, etc and sell clothes to rich socialites so that i can afford a bottega veneta!

  2. PnP, plz direct me to a pic of a celeb wearing her clothes??? Overall, she could have nailed that look but she seems to be conservative about not wanting to come off looking too edgy I guess…and how does one explain such a mismatch in hues of blue from a fashion designer? Not happening! I really wanna know who she designs for!

  3. why is she so sad, her face reminds me of this everytime – 🙁
    Just makes everything that she wear so not impressive, let alone the different blue hues and the lovely jumpsuit looking so frumpy!

  4. I think the style plus colour is so casual…. would much rather wear it at a safari…..Donnt understand why people wear something so inappropriate just bcos its got a guccior givenchy tag to it!

  5. I like everything except the eyeshadow and her expression-love the bag and shoes with this romper! I asked eralier as well…when does one wear blue eyeshadow??? does it ever look good????


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