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Gowns was what most ladies picked to wear on Saturday evening for the Filmfare Awards but can’t say we loved them all. They all had a few faults here and there. Sunny looked nice but her gown was meh. Aahana’s double slit was unnecessary and those folks looked like fox ears which I couldn’t unsee. Anupriya would’ve been a winner had she worn open-toe sandals.

Nora wore her gown well but I didn’t like the gown itself. Ms. Khosla needed better hairdo and makeup to go with the gown. Sonali’s gown was just terrible, but not worse than Priya’s Neeta Lulla gown and those two jarring circle inserts.

Daisy fared well in her top knot and minimalist styling. She looked nice.

Y’all have a favorite?

Left: Sunny Leone in L’Mane
Center: Aahana Kumra in Ambika Lal
Right: Anupriya Goenka

Left: Nora Fatehi in Georges Chakra
Center: Divya Khosla Kumar in Atelier Zuhra
Right: Sonali Seygall in Neetu Rohra

Left: Daisy Shah in Amit GT
Right: Priya Mani in Neeta Lulla

Photo Credit: Instagram/Filmfare

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  1. Priya’s dress had potential if not for the awkwardness of the bust. The styling is minimal and neat.
    Daisy’s styling is good but the dress is silly and looks low-quality.
    Sunny looks great neck-up.

    • Agree, if the bust padfing had been replaced by with linking for the top half of dress, she’s be a cc winner. She looks very nice side from the pads.

    • Agree, if the bust padding had been replaced with lining for the top half of dress, she’s be a winner. She looks very nice aside from the kinder art class pads.

  2. I am curious if these actress have the same level of access to ‘designer clothes’ than their more ‘famous’ counterparts. The clothes themselves seem of lower quality and design. Considering the box office top tear actresses themselves often wear pretty shabby clothes, these offerings stand no chance. Yet no one will pick a handwoven jamdani or paithni …. what a lost opportunity. I could prove each of these ladies a spectacular saree from my wardrobe. They all would look stunning and memorable.

    • Yes I have that thought too.. unless your one of the few 10 top ones you’ll have less access to brands. But I do hope personal wardrobe also exists. Not necessary to dress in a gown worth a lac.

  3. P&P – We need better/ more pictures.
    I find it really unfair that you combine 8 looks at an award function in one post but we get individual posts for Ananaya Pandey/ Malaika Arora’s random gym looks. Makes absolutely no sense and the bias becomes quite apparent.

    Also dont see you express yourself as honestly in majority of the posts. Is it because these actresses are ‘tier 2’?

    I saw Ahana and Priya’s looks on Insta and they look lovely…but you cant say that by looking at these pics.


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