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Sumalatha attended SIIMA this weekend wearing Payal Khandwala’s signature color-blocked sari. I wish she’d worn a hasli style necklace here but that’s a minor gripe. Loved seeing a contemporary style of the sari on the red carpet.


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  1. Ah! At last, when the whole world is moving digital, you guys have taken a step towards looking beyond bollywood and featuring south actors too. And what a pick! Sumalatha has been such an amazing heroine and she looks perfect in here..

        • Did you ever blog under that name? I used to religiously follow one with this name πŸ™‚ I know Tamizh Penn is generic, but wanted to check anyway :D!

        • Yes, because other places don’t have the paparazzi culture (thankfully?) as there is in Mumbai and Bollywood has a lot more events.

          Also, this is not our primary job, we do it for fun. So we cover as much as we can. We are not a publishing house with gazillion employees who can churn out stories. We prefer making posts out of real pics rather than the IG ones posted by stylists because those don’t really give us a full picture of the outfit.

  2. Gorgeous saree and styling! Possible unpopular opinion: The blouse neither matches nor contrasts.
    I know, I know, very tiny issue, but it still stops the look shy of perfect.

    • agree. tiny quibble but there it is. possibly it’s a red with brown stripes? doesn’t set off the saree.
      i often find this an issue with really well conceptualized sarees — they are so complete in themselves, amateur pairing just doesn’t do justice to them.

    • Agree. Suma looks amazing, the saree looks amazing. Pairing blouses have always been an issue for me. I wish I could see this saree with different blouses as a styling lesson!


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