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Lisa’s been busy shooting for India’s Next Top Model and while the show doesn’t air for a while, here is a first glance at the looks she’s been sporting so far…

Got a favorite? Isn’t she workin the heck out of the cutout Turquoise & Gold shimmery maxi?



Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. Omg Lisa in so many colours! Finally. The turquoise and gold maxi is actually my least favourite. Trashy and unflattering at the chest. It’s like the skirt is holding on to a bra for its dear life. She looks fabulous in all of the top row ones, Madison being my favourite!

  2. Umm no she isn’t working the heck out of any of these outfits, especially that awful maxi. All of them are so supremely unflattering and tacky-looking, the Madison outfit looks good in comparison.

    • LOL! Exact thoughts. When the girls are hanging supremely south it looks plain ew. Madison is so average just because the others are such an eye sore, it fares better in comparison.

    • Exactly!!! Yucky and cheap clothes. I feel like she willingly cuts her clothes in certain areas where she desperately want to show her body or she deliberately picks tacky clothes with many cutouts which are uneasy to look at. They look like ripped clothes gaining unwanted attention. And the bias continues for Lisa Haydon from P&P. I don’t understand what they see in her?

  3. No, she isnt. Pretty face and Unflattering clothes. Of all the “designer” stuff to wear, she chose these ! She has the physique to look superhot even in a simple salwar…she need not always wear these in-your-face cutout nonsense.

  4. It’s my least fav..!! It looks cheap and so unflattering..!!
    I had to look twice to see which outfit you guys are talking about. It’s the worst of all of them and the Madison one is the best one- relatevly

  5. I like most of these outfits, but the colorful Pia Pauro and Shivan Narresh get my vote. This is because I’m happy to see bright colors on Lisa.

    She has so much sex appeal, she does well with cutouts too. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her boobs. They look real. 🙂

  6. I cannot believe people are saying these clothes are bad. Literally everything in the first row is perfect. Hate the shimmery maxi in the second. The dress isn’t nice but the last one is cute on her.

  7. Love the Madison, Koecsh and the Pia Pauro. The maxi is my least favourite. Makes her look too thin at the chest area.


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