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Is there still anyone who does not believe that Mahima loves her beige saris?

Hope & A Little Sugar Premiere

Gladrags Mega Model & Manhunt Finals

Shobha De Collection Preview

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  1. Oh she looks so good though. I am a mommy too and despising her for getting her beautiful waist back in 6 months after her daughter was born. It has been a year for me, still working on getting my figure back. 🙁 See you have to put it into perspective to appreciate people. Wait till you young ones have babies – lot of work goes into getting your body back and looking as beautiful and radiant as she is looking.

  2. hey anon, you will be back to your beautiful self in no time. imagine if you had access to what the celebrities have…i am sure you would be another heidi klum!
    now to mahima, she does look good in beige but experimenting is so much fun! she should try it!

  3. she looks fab, but in a boring safe way. I think she wants to look like that, I heard her hubby is a banker, so may be she is dressing the part of the conservative banker wife?

  4. […] mentioned it first and then proved it again! With this post, I reallly rest my case! .nobrtable br { display: none […]


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