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Its almost as if the ‘anarkali’ wore Kajol at the Stardust Awards! The color scheme and the disjointed design does nothing for us. Or her. Such a shame.


Kajol At Stardust Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Where shall i start?….outdated anarkali,shoes,hair and the list goes on…..cant she afford a nice cltch either?…where is she spending all her money??..wat is the exactly color of her shoes? is it black/brown or ?…..

  2. OH! She is my fav actress, but i can’t say she stands high with her taste in clothes /fashion.

    I know she doesn’t really care bout looks n wat she wears etc, but that is not acceptable at all!

    and those sleeves are actually making her arms look bulkier! the colour of the dress is too contrasting too. even though i like bright colours, and multi-coloured things, but thats a very stark contrast and hurting my eyes!

    No comment on the shoes- I think they speak for themselves!

  3. Anyone notice the arm-band she’s wearing *underneath* the sheer sleeves? I guess it’s a good luck thing because she always has it on, but it makes her look like a wrestler for some reason (aside from giving me a strange urge to call her ‘Akram’).

  4. i dont get this. where did this anarkali trend start??? why does everyone have to follow the pack??? anarkalis look good on tall lithe women…e.g sonam/ash etc. short stalky women do not benifit from the bulky mass of fabric and heavy embroidery that makes an anarkali.

  5. Wow those arms – Make me stop eating the last piece of pie from the fridge.

    Rest – Looks like old style tent (circus kaa shamiana)

    Makeup – Good

    Shoes – The anchors for the shamiana (tent)

  6. Oh dear God ugly dress full of ugly color combinations and her shoes eww, and look at her lucky stoned band or what so ever under the net sleeve lol.

  7. oh man!
    she’s my fave actress so i usually dont criticize what she wears since she’s no fashionista anyway
    but THIS
    what is THIS
    why was such a dress even ever made?
    you’ve been very nice putting it in a ‘not quite’ section

  8. Why does she constantly have to subject everyone to these terrible choices? Even a pair of jeans and a tee with flip flops would have worked better.She’s so talented and clever…but a tinsy bit of effort in her appearance would be nice.

  9. Give this girl 20 years and she will be giving Jaya Bachan a run in the dowdy stakes, yes I know she is talented and amongst the vaccuous and bimbo’ish starlets she really shines etc etc yawn… but lord does she have zero style, she is short, prone to looking over-weight and dumpy unless styled properly – she should at least make the most of what she has – she really might not give a toss hat the likes of me and others think of her so called style – however methinks the lady doth protest too much about that particular subject..

  10. leave the clutch out of the picture.. CAN SHE NOT AFFORD CONTACT LENS? shes ALWAYS seen carrying her glasses or having them hung on her shirt(s)..

    notice how they (the glasses) match her suit?

  11. She looks absolutely GORGEOUS!!! True, her style is not always the best but I love her outfit this time! It’s amazing! 😀 😛 Ravishing Kajol!!!

  12. i think he eyebrows are just fine…she is beautiful and too much emphasis on looks in general as can be seen by negative comments. so what if she doesnt tweeze her eyebrows…the world isnt going to end. she wears what she likes, she is a top star, she makes lots of money and has a great family and friends who adore her. prob doesnt even care what is written about her…so its a waste of time constantly observing the negative qualities of others


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