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I think Sridevi binge watched The Crown recently. That’s the only way I can explain this appearance at the Lux Golden Rose Awards. If the gown itself wasn’t meh enough, styling it with that big updo and wear all that jewellery together made the look feel so so dated.

If she was trying to channel old world glamour, she failed miserably. Did not like this one bit.

Did you?

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Oh God!! She looks like one of those neighborhood kids dressed tackily as disney princesses by their overbearing/wannabe moms that make you go ‘Oh honey!’

  2. I have an issue with MM princess gowns. Although nice in theory, but because of structural issues foofy skirts end up looking very limp somehow. That is why the gowns end up looking a little bit like wrecks, which even Sridevi is not able to salvage too much…

  3. WHO pays for this monstrosity? Does Manish tack the price on to his other creations? Is that why designer wear is so irrationally expensive? Its not like Manish sits at a sewing machine producing this mess so he is entitled to a premium since he is a “famous designer” and all?
    Its probably made at some sweat shop in the outskirts of Mumbai
    All the yards and yards of burgundy khadi silk just wasted.
    No wonder Manish’s (and all other designers’) creations cost lakhs of rupees… everyone is paying a portion of the garbage like this worn by celebs at such events

    • Agreed! Also would like to add that I feel like I’m seeing a resurgence of such dresses especially in the last few months and more so with MM.

  4. This was a horrid look . The gown , hair, make Up was bad enough but that choker really was the cherry on the cake ! It looks ten notches above everyone else- that’s how wrong this team got her styling !

  5. Is she fulfilling her childhood Disney princess dreams on the red carpet. This is beyond ridiculous, shame on Manish Malhotra and her stylist if she used one for the event. Imagine how appropriate her recent sabyasaachi sari look would’ve been here instead of a health related event.



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