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At their respective events both Sridevi and Gauri picked red dresses and black ankle-strap heels. Whose look are you digging more?

P.S: Sridevi’s heels are Stella McCartney and Gauri’s are Manolos. Also, Gauri is in Michael Kors.


Left: Sridevi At The Unveiling/Launch Of People Magazine’s Latest Issue
Right: Gauri Khan At Yuvraj Singh’s Birthday Do

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. jeeejjjaaas
    gauri looks FAB!
    Her hair’s the right colour, no overuse of bronzer and she has good makeup on
    sri looks alright but the belt bunches up the dress on her bust and makes it look awkward
    with sri it always looks like a 55 year old’s haggard face on a 20 something’s body and for once i don’t mean it as a compliment

    • You nailed it! Her face is too haggard these days and that dress makes her top heavy, chicken legged frame even more obvious.. she needs to stop dressing like a teen.. Gauri looks gorgeous ..

  2. Gauri looks absolutely fantastic head to toe!

    Sridevi’s face is as pretty as ever, but I don’t like the earrings and her shoes. And I agree with the above comment about the belt bunching up the dress.

  3. I cant believe i prefer Gauri over Sri Devi. But i find Gauris dress rather sophisticated and for the first time (in my memory) i am seeing her with her hair tied up !!! I think if she had her std wavy brown hair and oily skin i would easily choose Sri.
    Also, Sri’s dress is a tad short for my liking and doesnt suit her top heavy figure.

  4. Sri does not rock Western clothes. After a certain age its best not to show our knees or as Gauri does, just a hint. Her bust is awkward. And the face is too pinched. I know she is 55 and great for that, but all her fans are encouraging her to do the mutton/lamb thing with all the gushing. In fact Gauri’s outfit would have looked fab on her. She was so awesome in EV, we need some of that grace and dignity in her look, be it Western or Eastern wear.

  5. Why does Sridevi insist on accentuating her bust? Not a good idea. And showing off those legs- a bad idea further still.

    Am I glad that there are some people out there who think that Sridevi looks haggard. I had started believing that I was the only one who thought so – what with everybody going hysterical over her so called beautiful face and great figure. I have nothing against her but my point is that she dresses up like a very young woman- whether she wears sarees or westerns. This dress is meant for Sonam not Sridevi. That sheer lime green saree that she wore is meant for probably Deepika.

  6. Oh I know the culprit – Queenie Dhody is pals with Sridevi. I think Queenie’s (un)dressing sense disturbingly rubbed off on Sri. Oh NO!!!

  7. red suits sridevi, though the dress looks like a teenagers and i think she should put on little weight as her face is looking weak nowadays.
    gauri and sri should exchange their dresses. As gauri’s chest is looking flat and sridevi’s heavier.


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