Spotlight: Kalki


Filter coffee on a nippy day, the chatter of old grannies while you soak in the sounds of a temple procession in the street beside yours, the glossy textural patterns of ‘athungudi’ tiles, the sepia stained photographs of your distant relatives that somehow made their way into your old suitcases.

You are taking in the languid unfolding of the slow life as it happens. Savouring it.

Then you must be the girl who adores Kalki.


Kalki, is the brainchild (or should I say dreamchild) of Coimbatore based Karunya Rajan. A former engineering graduate, Karunya decided the desk life was not for her. She immersed in the familiarity around her to lead her onto what is her passion now: creating effortlessly chic clothing.

Kalki, is the go to label for pieces that make you feel light, unencumbered and free. Inspired by the khadhi and linen wearing men and the crisp cotton and Kashmiri silks wearing women of her family, Karunya wanted to start her own clothing label.

I love that Kalki rings true to it’s philosophy and is fashioned from natural fibres and organic cottons. Her latest collection ‘mere’ for example, was inspired by the ‘naar’ or aloe vera jute fibres she chanced upon during a weekly market visit.


The silhouettes and lines are simple and fuss free. We are talking A-line dresses and charming crop tops and gathered skirts, all with a very subtle feminine flair. The individual pieces can be layered to create ethereal looks. A lot of her fabrics have subtle texture and pattern play of checks vs. stripes. I also love the little, almost discreet details scattered through the garments… Karunya does a playful riff on embroidery with little patches here and there. I find myself drawn to Kalki’s aesthetic as I grow older because the idea of savouring life and its little moments appeals to me. I love that the garment I wear has had deliberation and thought gone into it. I love the sincerity of it.

Maybe this Diwali, I want to wear a different kind of luxury, one that is of pure good quality organic fabrics made with love.

To know more, email them at or find them on Facebook here.


Pavitra started her tryst with desi Art and Design at age 23, when she started her blog MASALA CHAI in 2007. She is an INK fellow, an amateur poet and currently resides in West Michigan. Follow her on Instagram here.


  1. There’s plenty of potential in the fabric, weaves and color. But what I see atleast on the pictures within the blog are very unappealing and rather meh. Clothes, while being comfortable should also celebrate the woman that wears need not be in your face, but still should exhibit this. I did not find the pieces particularly flattering or have a nice uniqueness. Maybe its just me, but I will watch for more.


  2. Bad clothes an in what capacity was Pavitra featured here.. i quite didnt get it…she doesn’t seem to be associated with Kalki. her instgram took me to her cooling glass company.. whats the deal.




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