Spoilt For Choice

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Preity Zinta is a self-confessed label addict and really makes it fun for us ‘fashion voyeurs’!!

While her designer of choice was Roberto Cavalli for the previously held IIFA awards, it was Alberta Ferretti for the recent Filmfare awards…

Two very different looks, what do you favor more?

At IIFA Awards

At Filmfare Awards


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  1. hmm, neither? the outfit on the left has too much happening and the one on the right is kinda blah on her.

  2. She could have picked other pieces from the respective designers, and it’s disappointing to know that they are by them.

  3. Yes,, I wouldn’t wear the RC for an awards event..

    I saw a photo of her wearing a black hat. She really looked classy.. Can you post more photos of Preity Zinta ???

  4. I have seen preity’s pictures in yellow in FEMINA…the dress was luking quite good on her…in this pic its giving a different impression…anyways i prefer her in yellow….sometimes camera lights are quite decisive…

  5. the one on the right has been worn in the night, and the one on the left for day (it is daylight). She is learning fast, and well to become the bahu of one of the most prominent business families in the country. It is subtle and understated- good going. As an Indian I am proud that considering some of the gora bahus the others have our Indian can run circles around them….Keep it up girl!

  6. preity is almost always impeccable in her dressing sense. love the cavalli more but it looks laid back for an award function. its still not a fashion crime in my eyes. the ferretti has beautiful details but too many dresses like that going around. i have only one comment when it comes to preity’s dressing…since she does attend alot of indian functions i wish she would also explore indian fashion like beautiful sarees etc. after all, variety is the spice of life!

  7. I love the Roberta Cavalli dress on the left, she looks gorgeous. The dress itself looks chic and comfortable on her. This is one stylish lady! Please lend your people to Vidya Balan!

  8. I too love the cavalli dress as the top looks a bit Indian inspired..like the tunics. It is more suitable for a spring/summer day outfit and I am thinking that just the top portion separate would look really nice with jeans or white pants or even dark brown. I simply love the design of the blouse.

  9. i like both actually. the yellow cavalli dress is pretty and has a nice indian flare. good to wear during the daytime just like preity is here. the black ferretti dress is extremely flattering on preity as well. Although black can become a bit common and boring, the detailing on the front and the neckline make the dress different than most. good choice for evening wear. good job, preity!

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