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At the recent Mehta-Ambani wedding, Soundarya was photographed in a mint-hued kanjeevaram sari. Diamond jewelry rounded out her look. Loved that she picked a sari that her mom wore earlier this year at her wedding.

Soundarya looked lovely but wish she had picked gold jewelry like her mom instead of that diamond necklace which didn’t work with the sari at all.

Left: Latha Rajinikanth
Centre, Right: Soundarya Rajinikanth

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Just the fact that she wore her mom’s saree makes her the winner. While the other celebrities were going crazy with AJSG and MM, ‘like it was their own wedding’ – she just picked up her Mom’s saree and wore that. How refreshing.

  2. If you have got it, so flaunt it!!!
    There’s no other explanation to this bizarre pairing of jewellery.
    On a brighter side, sucker for the saree, <3

  3. love LOVR that she decided to wear a kanjeevaram sari like a normal human and not a bridal legehna like everyone else.
    So elegant!

  4. More than anything, I love the fact that in spite of having all the money in the world, she didn’t feel the urge to wear “costliest, blingiest, brand new,never worn before” kind of outfits :-P
    Love the saree and colors, summery and non bridal..

  5. But to your point about others, I think she loses points for that necklace – it is the jewelry equivalent of the AJSK and MM outfits.

    I actually think that Karisma Kapoor was particularly well dressed at the wedding events.

  6. this saree reminds me of a similar saree worn by Anuskha Shetty in one of the bahubali promotions.
    This mint and red is an unusual but great combination.

    • The one Anushka Shetty wore was parrot green with red. But yes both are classy saris. Both mom n daughter look lovely in that sari.

  7. This could be her mother’s saree or maybe not. In many south indian families, especially the kanjeevaram pattu sarees there are certain events like weddings, all ladies in the family buy same saree and wear the sarees all at same time. The necklace is pretty , but agree gold jewelery would’ve been nice.

  8. In a sea of synthetic fabrics and tacky glitter work, she stands as a winner simply because she wore a traditional weave. Yes, gold jewelry would have worked better but my eyes are not hurting looking at her outfit, so the diamond necklace can be forgiven.

  9. Love it.She looks beautful. The elegance that traditional weaves have are hard to achieve with mass marketed over embroidered synthetic saris.

  10. I like the favt that she wore her moms saree from just a few months back
    But i find the colors and the combination too jarring, not my tasye atleast and wish she had picked a nicer saree

  11. I’m not Indian, so don’t know much about sarees other than how beautiful they are. If they both are wearing the same saree how does sizing/fit work? Her mother is much bigger than her – so do they just adjust the drape? More folds the smaller the person? I think that all sarees are like 6 yards or 9 yards, is that correct? She has a lot more pleats than her mother’s drape, which really has none. What about height? Do they just do more folds at the waist? Won’t that make it thicker/less flattering on a smaller person? I’m sorry if these questions aren’t appropriate!

    • It’s 6 yards or 5 meters long these days. It can be draped in different ways and adjusted for height and girth by tucking and pleating according to body type and comfort level of how much skin the person wants to show.

    • :-) The only part of the saree that has to be tailor made for your body is the blouse and a petticoat/in-skirt if you like a good one.
      First question, you answered yourself :) more pleats on thinner person, less pleats on bigger persons. All the sarees are usually 6 yards. 9 yards are needed for a traditional brahmin drape which is not needed for ‘nivi’ draping. The one u see usually on these pages is ‘nivi’ style.
      The width of the saree is also usually the same. So to your question about height, it would be just one fold at the waist irrespective of height of the person. For taller person, smaller part folds in, for shorter person bigger part folds in. Ex: if 5inch part goes horizontally inside at the waist for taller person, may be 7inch goes in for a shorter person.

  12. I think she could have also borrowed mom’s jewellery and this look would have been the winner. Also, I liked rajnikanth was dressed so elgenantly in simple white kurta-pyjama.

  13. Personally don’t like this color combination too bright for my liking but 1000 points for wearing traditional weave over tacky designer lehenga. But that necklace is an absolute eye sore!

    Somehow the saree looks better on her mom than her. Probably just the light in each photographs. Or perhaps it’s the overall effect, jewellery included. or perhaps our mothers are just infinitely more comfortable in sarees that it shows. Soundarya wears it well but somehow it looks more natural on Lata

  14. But I cant unsee the puckered “Fall” at the bottom. The tailor has ruined the bottom by that machine stitch on the fall. Fall on a saree like this should be hand stitched. The bottom is so ruined…..

  15. This kind of neat, almost structured, draping of a saree is very typical in the south. I was taught, when very young, that the border should get placed on the hip, just so, pinned into place, before the rest of the pleats get tucked in – and similarly the pallu being almost like sash of a pageant winner, being a tightly pleated band. While this is defintely neat and formal in appearance, I no longer like such strict draping. It’s got an air-hostessy vibe and I prefer a more relaxed drape. It doesn’t mean the pallu has to flop down in a dishevelled droop, either, but can be flung over the shoulder without looking so stiff.



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