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Not a fan of the train on the Alberta Ferretti dress at all but barring that, the dress looked great on both these ladies. Something about this particular shade of red that looks incredibly flattering on both skin tones.


Left: Joanna Garcia At The American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala, Oct 09
Centre And Right: Sophie Chaudhary At Stardust Awards, Jan 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Zimbio

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    • I donโ€™t understand why people keep wondering how Bollywood starlets can afford big designers? I mean, they are part of the world’s largest and second richest movie industry!

      Apart from her work (which includes movies and several hit pop albums) she gets paid LOADS of money for endorsing products, store openings and performing at private functions.

      Seriously, the fact that she can afford designer wear is no big deal.

      BTW, totally off topic, but I was just reading an interview with her and she studied European politics at the London School of Economics and at the Paris Institute of Political Science (Franceโ€™s top political school), she was a gold medalist at the London Academy of Drama and Art and she speaks five languages.

      Sorry, but for me that was totally unexpected (from her) and I was so impressed I just had to share!

      • hey choc martini – i agree… who wud’ve guessed that a the pretty face hides a brain… teaches us to not judge a book by its cover… ๐Ÿ™‚
        although i shudnt be surprised because i sincerely believe that an intelligent mind projects itself in a persons demeanour. …which is not to say glamorous demeanour … but just a quite confidence…
        and before anyone jumps on my throat . … no i dont believe that various degrees attest to a persons intelligence.

    • exactly what i’m thinking. but i’m guessing she doesn’t gets to keep these clothes. designers prolly use her as a hanger to showcase their clothes, and she gets to wear them at events. what i don’t get is why is she at so many events?

      • @ amber: considering that oscar de la renta doesnt even have a store in India I highly doubt that he uses her as a hanger for his clothes. Like I said, I’m sure she has enough money to buy her own.

        And um…why shouldnt she be at events? She’s an actress, singer and former VJ

        • lol ๐Ÿ˜€ i did not say what i said above with the snarky attitite that u think i said it with.

          dont u think i would be an idiot to think sophie to be not weathly enough to afford a gown by an international designer? oh, she is rich. i know thaT! but she does not NEED to buy a gown to attend an event. actors are normally influential enough to be able to wear any designer on their sleeves without spending as much as a cent for a red carpet event. in fact, some designers will offer cash to ensure that stars wear their label. there’s a whole article about it on msnbc. usually they get to keep their clothes, but most of the time it is popular for them to auction it off to their favorite charities. on E! angelina jolie was feautured as one of the most sought after actresses by designers to showcase their garments on the red carpet. and alberta ferretti does not need a store in india, because he knows his target shoppers are not u and i( no offense ). like u said, Bollywood is “part of the worldโ€™s largest and second richest movie industry!” he knows people will come looking for him once his piece has caught their attention.

          im not saying this particular dress sophie’s wearing is not something that she did not buy with her own money because she does not have the money for it. she prolly did. but the whole celebrity-walks-red-carpet-in-a-designer-for-free-in-exchange-for-blabbing-about-it is all a hollywood game in play. and prolly a bollywood one too.

          • i remember sophie as a VJ on MTV. but that was a long time back, and i dont get any Indian channels where i am now, so i was not aware that she had embarked into acting and singing.( although i do recollect seeing her in some band before she made it as a VJ ).
            but thanks for answering my question.. in ur own sweet way!

          • I agree, I vaguely recall Sophie as being a VJ and a singer, is it???I doubt she’s very big in India, but considering how she’s almost non existent on the international seen I don’t see any reason for her to be so ubiquitous on HHC.

          • @ amber: I am aware that a lot of international designers dress Hollywood stars and a lot of Indian designers dress B’wood stars, but considering that Chanel, a larger internationl brand which actually has a store in India has only dressed Sonam Kapoor so far (and A big fuss was made about it) I highly doubt that someone like Sophie, who is not as big as Sonam would have been dressed by Oscar De La Renta and that too without the Indian press making a big deal about it. And no offense taken, I know I cannot afford Chanel ๐Ÿ™‚
            Also, Oshiro666 said that she/he wondered where she got the money for the designer clothing from and you said you were wondering the same thing, so it sounded like you were wondering how Sophie could afford it. i did assume you were asking the question with a snarky attitude, and I apologize for that ๐Ÿ™‚

            @ mary: Since this is an Indian fashion blog, most of the people who are regularly featured (ex: Anu Deewan) are pretty much non exisitent internationally. Also, this is more about the clothes they wear than the celeb power they have, after all it is a style blog right?

          • And this is just my train of thought, I obviously don’t know for sure, and probably she WAS dressed by them like you said, but I personally doubt that, highly. Lets just agree to disagree? ๐Ÿ™‚

          • u r taking it too literally. i did say that im not talking about what miss sophie is wearing here. the albetta ferretti one. it is a given that she is rich. she has the money, she may or may not have bought it, although personally, i think it is borrowed( and again, not because she cannot afford it ). i was just explaining how generally things roll in this industry. Sonam Kapoor being the first to be dressed in Chanel is true. but in that case, Chanel approached Sonam Kapoor with the gown. in other cases, celebrities have stylists to dress them, who approach international fashion houses for events. its not like the designer is letting the star keep the dress like in sonam’s case. in most cases, these clothes are ‘borrowed’. and it has nothing to do with “actually having a store in India”.

            there is a very good article about stylists and their jobs in Hindustan Times, where it clearly describes how they go about assembling the final look for a celebrity before an event. and they do not discriminate between indian and international designers. i’m gonna attempt to post that link here, but i’m not sure if it’ll get approved, as this blog usually does not entertain links to external websites. it would be taking a chance, but i’ll post that link as a separate thread, ‘coz usually the moderators delete the entire thread if even one post is against the terms of use.

          • My original comment was only about the dress sophie was wearing, not a general statement about how the fashion industry works.

            This is how it went:

            Oshir6666: wonder where she gets all the mulla to work these top designer clothes?

            you: Exactly what I was thinking

            (indicating that you WERE wondering how she could afford the dress)

            me: explaining how she could afford it.

            In my opinion, if a designer felt they had a large enough customer base in a certain area they would probably open a store there (unless there was some exceptional situation or law in the country or something) and then it just makes simple, logical sense that a designer would be more interested in promoting their clothes (LV giving actresses clothes to wear to their Mumbai launch for example) in a geographical location where they had a store and the people had easy, immediate access to their clothes.

            Anyway, this argument is getting really boring and I have no idea how the stylists in Bollywood work, who they approach and how they put a look together and I am not going to pretend I do (and given the many hideous premier outifts and ‘in charecter’ promotion looks featured on this site, I do not particularly care about their methods either ๐Ÿ™‚ )

            . So I’m just going to say that you’re insight into how Bollywood stylists work is right (not that I was ever disputing it, but you seem to think I was for some reason, I was only talking about Soph’s dress in specific) and that wasn’t the point I was trying to make anyway.

            The original discussion was about wether or not Sophie could afford the dress, so I’m not taking it too literally, just trying to prove my original point.

  1. she looks different here. its the parted hair. its making her face look longer. the red is an universally flattering color. she looks good though not fierce

  2. Certain socialites and movie stars can learn what classy dressing is about from Sophie. Sheโ€™s perfectly turned out almost all the time, with a perfect balance of make up and accessories.


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