Sock It To Me


On this blog we pray and wish daily that most folks out their pull up their socks when it came to their wardrobe choices. Ms. Mehra seems to have taken the idiom too seriously. :P

I’ve barely warmed up to over-the-knee long socks but even those wouldn’t have worked. That dress was too formal to work with any length. Tights was the way to go here, especially with those booties!

Soniya Mehra at Triumph Lingerie Fashion Show 2011

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. In my opinion, she always try too hard to look edgy and trendy. It doesnt work on her as her face is more suited to carrying off pretty dresses and something more.. boring.
    I don’t think she has the look where she can carry off such styles and be more adventurous.

    She always falls short of the mark for me. I mean, that dress is awful, it’s like foil. It doesn’t fit very well either. Her hair looks too pretty for this look also. The socks shorten her legs.




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