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Mother of the bride, Soni was seen wearing a Sabyasachi sari to the wedding and a Manish Malhotra suit to the mehendi. Preferred her in the sari. The suit just felt way too busy.

Soni Razdan

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. Soni ji has a natural grace which is always so calming.
    The suit is nice too, but the pairing of those colourful juttis and the multicolor necklace with an already multi coloured suit is off.
    Also, the blouse for the saree had gathers near the arms and chest. Looked like a last minute job.

  2. Almost every lady at this wedding has scraped through the bottom of the barrel to find clothes for this wedding. The suit and the saree both look very cheap.

  3. The sari is beautiful and Ms Razdan looks splendid in it. Father of the bride not only dressed up but also got bride and groom names in henna on his hands!

  4. I somehow liked both of her looks and the jewelry with it. Maybe it is the soothing colors. Hard to believe they are Sabya and MM. The saree look is my favorite. Liked the suit too. Reminds me of the exquisite Kashmiri Aaari work salwar suits.

    Glad that you did not crop Bhat Saab. He looks dapper in his own way. Cute that he was wearing their names in Mehndi on both hands.

    • @Binzy – At First, I thought it was a suit with Kashmiri kadhai on it. This was when the pictures were a bit blurred. Then, I figured that it might just be Aari work.

      To be honest, I have seen better designed Kashmiri suits. This one was just so busy. I also did not like the fabric.

      On an aside, I enjoy reading your comments.

      • Why, thank you! You just made my day. I have been here for 12+ years. Just switched to my original name recently.

        And yes, it is a bit busy. But considering the overload of bling that MM has been dishing out lately, this was a sight for sore eyes for me. Plus those are my current favorite pastels. I kinda’ liked the material. Makes the look airy. It is the all-pink make up I have a problem in the second look. Her make up in the Sabya is perfect in comparison.

  5. Wow, that Sabya saree is nice! His toned down version of clothes honestly look muuch nicer!
    Nothing pleasant to say about the suit. Too busy.
    On an aside, look at the Jooooolry!! omg..never seen a necklace that gigantic. And it somehow fits the look!


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