Off The Red Carpet

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We’ve already seen Sonam’s looks from the red carpet and below are a few she sported off it. Wish we had clearer pics of all of them, especially the Anamika one.

Thanks to Rhea for keeping us all in the loop about all of Sonam’s looks!

Getting Ready In Dev R Nil

Interviews – In Vintage Lanvin

L’Oréal Photoshoot – In Vivienne Westwood

At a Private Lunch in Fendi

Interviews – In Lanvin Dress & Cuffs


Shot by Garance Doré – In Anamika Khanna

Photo Credit: Chopard, Twitter-Rhea Kapoor, L’Oreal India

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  1. She is versatile and has fun with fashion. Props to Rhea for styling her so well and in keeping with her personality. Love, love!

  2. oh how i envy sonam kapoor. truly blessed beauty. great genes and great taste (and a great clothing budget!). killer combo. good on ya girl!

  3. oh that dress… Vivienne Westwood… its just so glam. so awesome. i would give an arm for that. Sonam looks effin gorgeous in that…..

  4. Am I the only one who doesn’t find these pics anything to write home about. Sonam has had plenty of her moments at different places, but, alas, Cannes was certainly not one of them..In most pics, she is looking weary and jaded. As far as the fashion goes, I agree so looks good in Vivenne Westwood, but rest of the ensembles are so forgettable. I

  5. am I the only one here, not liking the looks? Why no ‘match much’ for the westwood dress? The fendi dress does nothing to her figure , the Dev R dress looks very matronly, She looks tired and has bad makeup in all the pics! Well, whatever!

  6. She cdve worh that anamika khanna instead of that white tent dress .
    That anamikak khanna with a pink brocade bustier/semi corset top (i donno what i am talking about) and some luscious shiny jewelled/OTT peep toes.
    AND some non bronzy make up and nude lips 🙂
    Sonam ditch pernia, hire me .


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