In Label Ishana


While out and about in NYC, Sonam was spotted wearing a checkered dress from Label Ishana over blue pants with loads of silver jewellery and her Marc Cross bag.

I am on the fence about the pants but skip that and it’s a look I’d wear in a heart beat. Especially given this Texas heat!

P.S. She was also seen in Payal Pratap maxis, one of which we’ve seen on her before. Catch it inside.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. The only explanation I can find – the designer was traveling by car and waiting at the red light, saw few school girls zebra crossing. Then a brilliant idea clicked and the designer thought ‘ ohh wait lemme put my name on this school pinafore and sell it times 5 to bollywood ladies’… damn Yeah I make a good story writer ;) :-p

    Am no expert in fashion, but please someone explain to me how is the checkered dress a designer wear. It looks like those school uniform for grade 3-7 girls.. * rolling eyes *

    • Designer does not have to mean it breaks the boundaries. You can buy jeans or a silk saree from the local vendor, high street, or very very expensive designers. No?

      • theres a reason why we buy ‘designer’ lended products. if even renowned designers come up with such basic stuff, tell the difference. even a high street brand could make this way better and still keep it simple.

        • So when I need a basic white shirt, I go to the brands I can afford. When someone who doesn’t normally buy that range of brands needs a white shirt, they go to a differnt store/ tailor. We both get a white shirt, with diffferent prices and probably different quality. Now if you come and ask me why I paid more for a white shirt, I think it would be a sum of habit, convenience, familiarity, pattern in behaviour, and trust.

          A designer is a designer – a professional and a person. A desginer product does not have to scream designer. I woudl say, if you are getting the same quality (however you choose to define quality) for a better price, you are a smart shopper. But you cannot berate someone for buying from an outlet they find convenient. You can criticize a public person for their taste (because they are allowing you to do that) but not for their habits. YKWIM?

  2. Horrible! Only Sonam could wear this…i’m not liking her fashion choices of late ….sometimes i don’t get her obsession with ill fitted shapeless clothess…yikes!

  3. The pants look as if they are falling down from the waist at the same time as they are being hitched up from the ankles! I’m assuming it was this “designer” trick that persuaded Sonam to wear them.

  4. Pants look comical. Period.
    This trend of shapeless clothes need to die ASAP. Most Indian females don’t have the body type to carry it.

  5. I like this outfit a lot. Cool summer checks with flowy silhouettes and chic silver jewelry. Totally up my alley. Not to mention, perfect for NYC’s heat wave this past week.

  6. There is no way this is a designer look.
    Did they think that putting those weird pants with that shspeless dress makes it designer or stylish. Not in NYC, or Paris or Mumbai or Texas.

    • +1
      On an aside, that model’s expression makes it look as if she’d never be happy again.
      Someone needs to tell her that you can have a neutral expression without looking like the harbinger of eternal doom.

  7. I don’t understand this look at all. Had it been the pants with a gingham top sure. Had it been just the dress – fine. But the dress with culottes W.T.F AND that damn necklace – sorry sonam love u but this is actually a dissappointment as I was hoping u would have better street style.


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