Get The Look: Sonam In James Ferreira

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Most of us hated this James Ferreira dress on Sonam.

But, now that we see the original dress (on sale on, we see why Ms.Kapoor got it so wrong. She had the folds outward making for a real awkward look. Now, that you know how to wear it correctly, go grab yours by signing on Here.


Left: Sonam Kapoor at Loreal Event
Right: James Ferreira V-Neck Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Go grab one? It’s still pretty ugly – though Sonam just killed it all the more. It looks like a white sheet sorta randomly pinned up to make some sort of a dress out of it.

  2. Your commentary makes it seem as though now you know why Sonam got it wrong, it’s all good. It bothers me that you guys are so forgiving towards her. But like I always say, it is your blog.

    Anyway. This dress looks better on the model, but it’s still pretty lame. I don’t see what’s so great about it. The only reason why it’s looking half decent on the model is because she has an emaciated upper body. if she had boobs, then the bottom bit of those flaps would stick out and it would look bad again.

    • To us, the dress is not ugly now that we’ve see it on the model. We already pointed out that that was the BIG mistake Sonam did when wearing it (wearing the folds outward). As for referral link, we’ve been using those for just about every site and not just this one.

      • I actually like the dress, wish sonam had worn the dress the right way, but overall she looks good, love her necklace. I love that you have these links, I have actually bought a black Karen Miller through your link.

  3. The mystery is solved!!! Haha you would think she would have someone to tell her she is wearing it the wrong way (like a stylist or even a mirror?)

  4. omg the so called fashionista got it all wrong… this is hilarious! yes a petite structure is needed to carry this off but thanks for showing us how its meant to b worn!

  5. was sonam really running out of clothes?? to’ve chosen that piece of junk??? truly sadly..sonam looks edgy in that dress and that smile huh..


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