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At a dinner hosted by MAMI, Sonam was seen in a boxy pantsuit by Y/Project paired with a Louis Vuitton Petit Malle minaudiere. Sure she wore the suit well, but the hair covering her face most of the time seemed to overpower the overall look. It wasn’t as bad in the last pic.

Considering she got a permanent perm for her role in The Zoya Factor, wonder if we’re going to see it this way for a while now. Time will tell.

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        • Give their opinion, not criticize her on ‘every single occasion’. The way it goes on here, with so many dislikes and what not, it seems like mostly people are here for criticising her. Even if someone isn’t nicely dressed according to people, the reactions should not be that strong or intense IMO. Most of the time what I see here is like, ‘oh the horrors’ or ‘shivers!’ Also, someone ‘can’ be dressed bad and still be a good person or a talented individual so a dress isn’t the bar chart of rating people. And I can for a change, give my opinion and that’s my opinion. The way the dislike rains go on here, seems like appreciating any single look, [even when I really do, and I am not even remotely related to fashion], seems like a crime! Anyway here stops the rant.

          • With you in this.. yep a good point made. It’s quite critical here.. also maybe it’s the place to do so.. because: fashion blog. Yeah guys should cool down with the cattyness.

  1. Wears the suit well?

    I mean the hair is awful but I’m not sure I’ve seen a worse fitted, more drab suit on these pages in a long time
    It’s one thing to be boxy and a whole another to be a sloppy mess
    And that color…that could be a topic in itself

  2. Such carefully chosen words for Sonam !! This is a whatteyy. And the eyebrows and hair are the final straw. Time to give up o sonam.

  3. This is a train wreck from Head to toe (more the head than the toe) if I ever I saw one.
    Scary makeup to round off the whole ghoulish vibe.

  4. The hair is fine especially since it’s for a movie. But the outfit is hideous! The fit, color, style – nothing works. This is truly a WTHeyyy!

  5. like a 90s pop indie star… suneeta rao type.. but minus the originality or spunk. in short: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  6. I think the hate is largely because it’s Sonam. I think she was channeling the early 90s, and succeeded in that.
    Not half as bad as everyone here is making it out to be.

  7. Guys,don’t you know this by now,Sonam Kapoor, Neha Dhupia and Sophie Chaudhary can never ever do wrong.They alway win all rounds and make all the tent like outfits work.


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