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At the ABCD 2 bash, Sonam was seen doing separates in a structured The Circus top paired with a blue Burberry skirt. Yellow Burberry sandals, a Corto Moltedo clutch and stacked necklaces finished out her party look.

Even if I could get on board with that top, I just can’t bring myself to like the skirt here. Sometimes, offbeat pairings work. This one didn’t. Not for me, at least. You like?



Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. That shows how pathetic ur fashion sense is, either u are just trying to please her dumb haters or u have completely lost it. If kangna or dp( copy cat) had worn this, u would’ve been going gaga over it. Sonam is a perfection from head to toe. Haters try something else

  2. The shoes & bag are nice.. Not liking the skirt..
    Makeup issues too..
    Such a pretty face she has.. Wish she stops going for 10 shades lighter foundation..

  3. I am not a sonam fan, but I love her in this..!! I know it’s a weird skirt,, but it’s working. After thinking so much about what’s in this look that make me like it- I now know, it’s her smile , because she is not doing one of those plastic poses, she is looking pretty- and very much so.

  4. I love the look! Whats wrong with you people?Please get your fashion sensibility tad bit higher. This is one of those looks that actually outshines so many humbug looks that have doing rounds for months now. Get your act together or you risk losing respect!

  5. YES! Perfect from head to toe. True fashionista. I get that se was in a festive mood, the necklace could have been taken off but it isnΒ΄t really an issue; sometimes a girl just wants many accessories!

    I want everything! *.*

  6. She decided to dress her age and I luv it. IT’S QUIRKY the skirt the sleeves ,the look works you guys .And hello if she wore some boring poofy Audley Hepburn dress u guys would be gaga but this works more as it’s fresh and fun.for once she decided not to go overboard

  7. I love how beautiful her feet look with those shoes. Outfit suits her and she looks great, just needs to tone down her foundation I guess or maybe it’s the light..

  8. Fun and Young!!! I like it! It might not be everyones cup of tea but props to her for trying different looks..thats what fashion is all about,..isn’t it??

  9. I love the top but not the skirt.. She should have replaced the skirt with a wide legged pants or palazzo pants. May be with a tied up hair it would have been a spot on. I think she was trying to balance the wings of the top with the poof of the skirt. It simply didn’t work.

  10. But do you even like any of sonam’s looks? you always seem to like deepika’s , katrina’s , kangna’s ugliest-est looks and they seem hot to you. But when it comes to sonam, you, for 90% of the times find problems in her amazing looks. Either Your fashion sense is pathetic or you are just jealous of sonam. I can’t beleive you like more of katrina’s and deepika’s looks over hers. She looks super cute in this and probably the only fashionista in Bollywood.


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