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Wearing an embroidered blazer and bust set from Saaksha & Kinni, Sonam stepped out for an event on Sunday evening. Given that the event was about Nike’s Air max line , the sneaker pairing was unavoidable. Loved the outfit but not with those sneakers. They (the black sneakers) felt too rugged/sporty for the separates.

What say you?

Sonam Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Yes, I think those sneakers aren’t a good fit at all. To be honest, I didn’t even see the shoes, distracted that I was by that low-close neckline.

  2. Despite how busy the top half looks, Oh the scoop up, without fail take all the attention. She looks so beautiful in the fun jacket but what the hell is that bottom n silly shoes.

  3. Beautiful face. Everything else should go. So now she is sporting her sisters (very very very very) low neckline – cleavage show?
    Nooo, iam not against cleavage, when it’s done properly.

  4. Umm struggling to find any semblance in this outfit. The top is so tight the sisters are facing home eviction. The mirror work embroidery and colors are lovely though. I just dont see how the skit pairs well with it. It looks so weird, the length is awkward, and it is see-through. The sneakers are just no. It’s a WTTHEYY for me

  5. am sorry, this is just confused. if the sneakers were to be the highlight, surely she could have found something more compatible to wear? and i don’t mean jeans — even that jacket over a plain ribbed dress would have worked. it’s the bustier that’s throwing things off, i think — that, and the posh make-up and hair.
    it’s like she was dressing for a party, suddenly lost interest, grabbed the nearest pair of footwear and scooted out of the door.


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