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We asked for this collaboration and it finally happened. Woot woot!

Here’s your first look at Sonam Kapoor wearing a Spring 2010 Prabal Gurung dress at L’Oreal’s Aisha collection launch in Delhi.

Can’t wait for full-lengths!

Update: Here is a full-length of Sonam posted on her twitter account.

Left: Prabal Gurung, Spring 2010
Right: Sonam Kapoor at L’Oreal’s Aisha Collection Launch

Sonam Kapoor at L’Oreal’s Aisha Collection Launch

Photo Credit: Webnewswire

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  1. U guys r genious! From wat I can tel the gal looks mighty fine! Although would love to see her in something not as ‘safe’. Something more quirky more fun..

  2. i love it she looks so gorgeous.. i would do anything for her wardrobe hehe
    p.s ladies check her twitter pix she’s got one showing a little bit of her shoes looks like silver =P

  3. I’ve been following sonam and HHC on twitter and I love how she is blantantly checking this website!! See HHC girls all around the world and P&P are getting noticed!!

  4. Thats a very predictable Prabal Gurung she chose when there were so many other delectable pieces to choose from. Disappointed.

    btw just came back from the movie, totally heady with all the fashion. cute movie too. loved Sonam in the movie, somehow the Aisha character seemed so similar to Sonam in real life. Disappointed with iras styling in the movie. I was looking forward to what Ira would wear, unfortuantely such a disappointment. It was just so drab. Sonam outshone everyone through and through.

  5. You probably shouldn’t have posted the full-length. She looks really good in the first picture, the color suits her perfectly.
    Full length pics, she appears uncomfortable. And the hair’s quite bad.

  6. this girl is a DIVA!! fashion goddess!! everything about this look is perfect! it can’t get better! its not the clothes that look beautiful on her, she makes the clothes look beautiful!


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