In Maison Yeya


For Sonam, it was a Maison Yeya lilac gown paired with a box clutch and simple tear drop earrings. While I can’t fault the finishing touches or even the color of the gown which was divine, the look felt off at first glance. I blame the construction at the bust. The pleats were unraveling awkwardly.

Were you able to ignore it?

Sonam Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. It just serves as a relief from the previous overneons. This material isn’t good even after ironing well and it’s also not stitched very fine. She looks good.

  2. This is a nightgown (like you would see female actors wear in the 40s/50s/60s Hollywood films)…not something to wear on the red carpet.

    I think Sonam is also part of the “losing the fashion mojo” bandwagon like Natasha Poonawalla and Twinkle Khanna. All of them were trendsetters in their own way at one point but off late seem to have lost the plot.

  3. It looks awful
    The cape is a halloween project by a harried mom of a second grader. Hemming at the bust is puckered.. i could go on and on, insanely bad. Not sure why they forget the mirror check after all the effort$.

  4. I think the one thing Rhea fails to account for while sourcing all these western designers (or middle-eastern designers catering to a western market) designers for her sister is the simple fact that Sonam is a mature (as opposed to a teenage) Indian woman with breasts. Whether it’s the pink-and-green Celia from or this lilac confection, they all end up looking seriously tacky at the bust.

  5. Thats an unforgiving fabric and the creases are distracting. The whole gown is overdesigned, especially the bust portion. Don’t like this even one bit. I hate the hair as well.

  6. She looks more herself in this outfit than the other outfits she has been wearing lately. However, she could have ironed the gown.

  7. What’s to like? The gown is not at all flattering or pretty. Makeup is terrible and ashy and the less said about the hair the better.

  8. Sonam’s dressing has been off for some time(dare I say after her wedding?) Earlier, however bizarre and outrageous her choices were, at least it looked like she was having fun.

  9. Terrible gown aside…she looks so sad in the last two outings, wonder why! Maybe she has realised that she is no longer the talk of the town when it comes to fashion!

  10. You like the colour ?! This powder blue has to be complemented with the right kind of fabric to look “divine” else it will come off looking … well like this… cheap…

  11. Ok, the look is nice. Experimental and still NICE, but thank God, it did not end up as tent below waist just like that pink green gown.

  12. All Hail Queen Elsa of Frozen – only this is clearly a cheap Halloween costume replica! That material – Ugh, my eyes, my eyes!


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