Photoshoot Wars!


Yet again we have ourselves two magazines featuring an outfit, this time a Dior, seen on two different folks. Sonam’s pic shot at the Mandarin Oriental in Thailand takes into account her locale. Preeti’s pic, on the other hand, was shot in a studio with beau Abhay.

Prefer one over the other?

Catch more of the Sonam editorial here thanks to SonamKFanClub.

P.S. These two aren’t the only ones wearing the Dior dress. Catch the other person inside!

Left: Sonam Kapoor In Harper’s Bazaar, Sep 2011
Right: Preeti Desai in L’Officiel

Elizabetta Canalis on Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

Photo Credit: SonamKFanClub, Facebook


  1. Oh good, they’ve made Abhay look like a hobbit.
    The L’Officiel editorial is so very incredibly silly – Preeti’s hair, her stupid pose and the absolute lack of chemistry between her and Abhay. Seriously, when the focus of the editorial is their relationship, how did they choose a pic with absolutely no interaction between the two? And then there’s the godawful photoshop.
    So Sonam wins, despite wearing clodhopper shoes (chunky peeptoe booties need to die).


  2. i love the preeti and Abhay shoot .They look real together and i love the way the two of them are propped against one and another . seemed a fun shoot .


  3. With those boots and that weird pose, the dress on Sonam looks too pushed… love the way it looks on Preeti, L’Officiel’s shot’s impeccable- James Bond with his hot girlfriend straight out of an Aston Martin… guess I’m picturing too much..hehe


  4. Arghh, why couldn’t it be a FAB photoshoot with Sonam and Abhay….they have so much chemistry. Sonam fares better…Abhay and GF have no chemistry at all.




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