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Wearing a Fall 2024 Dior look, Sonam took in the label’s presentation in Paris on Monday. Knee up, I liked this on her but I wish she hadn’t opted to wear the socks as well.

Catch the runway look inside.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

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  1. How is she a style icon when she always just copying the looks as is from head to toe? Not a disss just a geneuine question. She always take her fashin icon status to seriousy and acts like a fathion auhtority figure in all her interviews but i hardly ever she any original looks from her.

  2. what’s there to comment when she has replicated the runway look to the tee.. and not even keeping in mind the weather outside.

    • A lot of people wore Fall 2024 looks or looks that are meant for warmer weather….it really doesn’t matter what the weather is because the reason they are loaning her outfit is to promote it and these people are sitting in a well air conditioned space. And a lot of attendees also replicated looks head to toe including Jisoo.


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