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It was a Dior suit with a frilly blouse for Ms. Kapoor at the launch of John Galliano Eyewear In Delhi. Love the black lace tights and pumps and the red lips. The skirt, though, could’ve been a better fit.

Sonam Kapoor at John Galliano Eye Wear Launch in Delhi

Photo Credit: Karan Thapa

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  1. She looks gorgeous as usual but I find it a bit OTT with the red lips. The woman can look so gorgeous dressed down too (from whatever little I have seen her in casuals), I would love to see her in simple looks too from now on!

  2. Very elegant. I wonder if she can maintain this style forever because in higher age she won’t really be able to beat that look! 😀

    I personally think she is too young for this style. It’s a pity! When you’re older, after some years you get sick of your old style. What will she do then? Go for young girlish clothes? 😛

  3. I am not a big fan of Sonam and always feels she tries to hard.
    However I must admit she looks ” WOW” here.
    Though I am on the fence about the lace tights.
    Love the red lipstick , hair and the dress suit.

  4. she is the best!!!!! her blouse is amazing…..all this stuff is so expensive…wonder where to get such stuff at low prices…u guys should do something on affordable fashion..

  5. She needs to start investing in clothes which fit her well, and not in ones which are 2 sizes too small and make her look asphyxiated!
    Also, those tights would go well with one single piece of either a white or grey dress, with this outfit it just seems too much!

  6. my eyes hurt! there is so much going on here!
    wish she wud have removed something since the eyewear was for the event? it is just a wee much busy busy busy!!

  7. LOL! my school skirt is the same as the skirt that she is wearing 😉
    she looks good though in a matronly way !
    and those tights make her look kinda weird !

  8. She wears great classy clothes but I feel she’s dressing too old for her age. This is something you’d wear in your 30’s and 40’s. Would love to see her in a pair of skinny jeans sometimes.

  9. i looove her in the second picture:) She completely channels Blair Waldorf, but i dont much like the look with the jacket, it seems more effortless without.. Also, those earrings are gorgeous:)

  10. I only like the white blouse. One should not just get into any matronly ensemble because its Dior and its free (courtesy of Ms. Chawala).
    The whole thing is too much for eye wear launch.
    Sonam has a major Blair Waldrof hangover . In her movie Aisha she even tries to talk like Blair (and fails).
    Kudos to Sonam for trying, but should have her own style. BTW, what is her signature style? I don’t know!

  11. On anyone else you guys would have most definatley give this a WTHeyy P&P. Sad at how biased you are! this is really not a fab look from any angle..

  12. that girl in purple teaches how to do red and purple oh-so-well, Sonam’s pretty but I dont think she kinda pulled it off with this one and tights need to go 4 me!!

  13. I beg to differ on the catalogue adaptation –

    i see no similiarity – hair is different,belt is gone,no booties, addition of tights, the blouse, i think she has made that look hers.

  14. sonam is adventurous and spunky ( talking fashion and NOT acting). i like that unlike other bollywomen, she tries different looks and styles. and i find it funny that some people here think this look is more appropriate for women in their 30’s or 40’s.err…why? who said women in their 20s onl need to wear jeggings and cutesy tees?


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