In Dice Kayek Couture

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At the closing ceremony of the 2016 MAMI Mumbai Film Festival, Sonam gave us a crisp couture look wearing one from Dice Kayek‘s Spring 2016 collection with jewellery from Nirav Modi. While the runway vest had a more of an hour-glass fit, Sonam’s version seems to have been modified to be more of a slim one.

Not that we are complaining. She looked really good!

More pics inside.


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This is a rare miss for Sonam.
    The styling isn’t working. She should’ve gone a similar route as the model with her styling, a little easier with the hair, to balance off the severity of the suit.

  2. I ran so fast over here to GUSH over this look lol. Fashion HEAVEN!
    OMG iam in LOVE. RheSon have been KILLING it with Dice Kayek. Brownie points for highlighting the hourglass figure that Sonam naturally has.

  3. It looks great on the model . Dont like the version on Sonam, even with her height & body she looks overwhelmed in it plus that ashy makeup.

  4. Man, I get the whole being fashion forward thing and all ..But I feel Sonam tends to overdo it a bit too much and too often .. This would seem fine if it was fashion week or a fashion related event but too much for MAMI. I mean PC and DP don’t look this overdone even after going international .. And here she is stepping out in such clothes closer home ..

  5. Looks like someone flung a few rolls of toilet paper at her, maybe she didn’t have the Halloween candy ready for the trick or treating kids. Lol.

  6. For some reason the outfit eats her up.
    Seems like she has to crane her neck to be visible above the collar.. something is making the look very disproportionate..
    much prefer the runway version…

  7. Sonam is not interesting anymore. She just blindly copies runway looks. I realise now that she has no originality whatsoever. I used to be such a fan, not any longer 🙁 She’s becoming annoying to look at. This outfit is gimmicky.

  8. I always thought that couture only informs and shapes prêt. Prêt à porter needs extensive modification before it is ready to “porter”. This is why I think it’t weird when these famous people wear couture directly.


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