In Dice Kayek


At an event in Delhi on Saturday, Sonam was seen in Dice Kayek separates paired with Manolo Blahnik pumps. Unless, there is some contract about sourcing from labels that you have to wear a certain number of looks, I really do not get why she was drawn to the separates.

I don’t know about you, but I have very bad memories of Sports Day All-White uniforms (having lived in the Middle East) and this outfit just triggered some really awkward teenage memories.

Put all that aside, did you like???

Sonam Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Sonam is turning into a poor caricature of her former self. For someone who really set these pages on fire few years ago with what was some real trailblazing fashion to now reminding Payal of bad sports day uniforms…too bad.

  2. Have you seen what the western ‘fashionistas’ are wearing to Coachella?

    Only gripe is the fitting, or perhaps lack of a silhouette.
    Otherwise this is a perfectly fine, well put together look, albeit forgettable.
    Not amazing but it’s fine.

    Her make up (for once) is lovely!

    • I have been following Coachella fashion very closely and didn’t see anyone turned up like Sonam…don’t get the Coachella reference here …

      • I think they were trying to give an example of what ‘bad’ fashion really looks like with the Coachella reference. But then again, personally I would describe Sonam as a ‘so-called’, ‘self-proclaimed’ fashionista.

        • Talking about self-proclamation, Sonam stated on Koffee with Karan that according to Sanjay Leela Bhansali “she does not have a bad angle” Now we all just need to find this all elusive angle or two ;)

        • Pretty much!
          In view of what gets a pass in the West, this seems passable enough and definitely not worth all the vitriol that gets spewed here.

          Agree on her not being a fashionista… tbf, in my view neither are any of the faux supermodels or kardashians or jenners.
          It seems like everything goes in the era of Instagram

  3. Reminds me of awkward school days and girls who looked awkward in their school uniforms. Looks as though she hung that scarf on the side, wore red lipstick and those earrings while going out with friends right after school got over.

  4. Forget the outfit- which is bad, sure; what on earth is going on with her makeup? Her face is plastered with foundation and dusted with way too much powder.

  5. It can be considered event appropriate. But if easy-going non-edgy summer separates is what sonam was looking for she could have tried for something from contemporary Indian labels. Brands like Runaway Bicycle, Three and Lovebirds, Doodlage, Pot Plant — so many now – do this kind of aesthetics a lot better. SK is losing her style chops. There needs to be a rethink.

  6. How cute & pretty does she look here. I like the makeup & hair; it’s not whitewashed & brings out her beautiful features. Outfit isn’t great but she isn’t resorting to skin show.

  7. She looks pretty but a white pleated skirt and white shirt is a sports uniform. Well said Payal!
    I like her makeup and her face but that skirt is just a big no!`



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