In Delpozo


After her white look on the red carpet, Sonam turned to color wearing a Delpozo dress to the Positive Planet gala dinner paired with emerald earrings and velvet sandals and clutch. The dress itself may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I did like it. (Update: Now that we have better pictures, not a fan of that skirt. It adds unnecessary bulk and was quite ill-flattering.)

Tuesday saw her start the day in a puffy Simone Rocha shirt and Bhane denims and then change into a striped Emilia Wickstead dress. The denim look sure was striking.

In Delpozo at Positive Planet Gala Dinner

In Maison Yeya, Menaheel And Mehreen & Blumarin


  1. Darn one bad dress after another. The DelPozo is so pouffy at the hips. Not a flattering silhouette at all.
    Payal, Priyanka- request you to try to post pictures from the event itself. Sonam’s personal photographers edit her picture heavily and they are quite whitewashed. Not a good representation of what the makeup looked like in reality.

  2. This isn’t Sonam’s best year at Cannes and after looking positively radiant at her wedding; the Cannes outing is a bit dull. However, the striped dress is lovely and her smile shows she is comfortable and feels good. The denim look is my favorite; she should dress down often too!

  3. If you look at the actual photos from the ceremony, the Delpozo dress falls so awkwardly on her. Extremely wide at the hips and cuts her off at a weird length on the legs. Don’t care for those red heels either. Peep toes would work better.
    Styling fail this year at Cannes.

  4. The first dress is ridiculous. How did the stylist even pick this for her.
    The heels look so dated as well.
    Need full lengths of the striped dress but so far that’s the only one working.

  5. Sonam looks partied out. That candy floss concoction is doing her no favors.

    Time to re-evaluate the fashionista tag perhaps?

    • Small hiccups and you love to use that to bring people down don’t you.
      A gold medallist doesn’t lose his/her original win because they failed later. No one can take your wins from you, and sonam will never stop being a fashionista. She has proven herself. The tag remains regardless of a lifetime of fashion mishaps to come.
      And fyi- don’t bother using the same old “you must be sonam’s PR” retort. Its silly, guys.

  6. The white shirt and denims look good but those studded flats kill the look. Plain tan loafers go more with that insouciant laid back vibe.

  7. There are better, untouched, pics of Sonam in that pretty dress and she looks fantastic. Love all the looks actually. I like the way the mehendi plays with the flowers on the party dress.

  8. The makeup, the red clutch and heels, that DRESS- it’s all an abomination. The vision didn’t work for styling this Delpozo dress.

  9. Deepika day 1 @ Martinez: blue jeans, white top.
    Deepika day 2 @ Martinez: blue jeans, white top.
    Sonam day 1 @ Martinez: blue jeans, white top.

    Whaddup L’oreal?

  10. She looks good in all three, its just the way that she’s standing that makes her look heavy at the hips. Anyways she’s looking great

  11. I hate the Delpozo look – its terribly unflattering on her. Definitely prefer the denim look and the red striped one.

  12. She still must be in that “princess bride” mode for her to wear that puffy pooffy skirt :) I liked the other looks too.

  13. Denim and stripes look lovely. The shape of her Delpozo look is confusing me utterly as I’ve seen pictures where they look great on her and pictures where they don’t. To be honest Sonam needs to rest. The hectic schedule of hers, it kinda shows in my opinion. Nevertheless, woman has a smile that can light up the night sky.

  14. The Delpozo dress is giving me Aunt Jemina vibes seriously. She could be making cookies and pancakes in them. Other looks are ok but Mahira stands out more even in the casual.

  15. I like her in all the looks but am not particularly fond of the mehendi on her legs being visible. They look odd on the western outfits/shoes. She could’ve chosen longer length outfits ..

    • Her mehendi is sticking out like the sorest thumb in ALL the looks, particularly in the blue jeans-white shirt look. As gorgeous as mehendi designs tend to be, they just don’t go with Western looks. If she wanted to flaunt her wedding mehendi, she could’ve just opted for an all-desi wardrobe this year. That would have been trendsetting and befitting of her self-proclaimed “fashion icon” tag.

  16. Great styling and impact from both Emilia Wickstead and denim looks. Love. Although she looked beautiful in R&R, it sadly lacked the punch.

  17. The Delpozo look is horrendous – the earring, the yuck sandals, the clutch, everything. She looks stunning and oh-so-happy in the other two!



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