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Latest round of movie promotions had Sonam reaching for a printed sari (and matching shirt) by Badaam. Earrings from One Nought One One and pair of dove-grey pumps rounded out the look well. She worked every bit of that sari; Sonam looked good!

Sonam Kapoor At Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga Promotions

Sonam Kapoor At Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. and specifically ” how” is she looking good???
    any apparel needs to accentuate the personality of a person..draping yards of clothing , creating a cross between a long skirt + sari is not fashion. Overwhelming with monochrome color + volume. Lets try to retain objectivity here and retain the essence of fashion and not comment basis ” who” is wearing it !

  2. If this looks good then I have no clue about fashion. I understand the elevation of a garment or giving something traditional a modern touch or adding your own personal style to make an outfit your own but this- I don’t understand. The length of the sari, the volume of the blouse/shirt, the print , the collar. It may be a statement but its definitely not looking great.

  3. Once again, bedsheet draped as sari or worse a bedquilt cover draped as a sari. These mutant saris are just not working and the dark color only makes the silhouette more of a damp squib.

  4. I am so done with these “modern twists” given to sarees. I can understand a slightly different drape or a different blouse design (like raw mango/khandwala/payal singhal) or a new color combo, but can we plz stop glorifying these gimmicks in the name of fashion. I understand that fashion is very subjective and everyone has their own aesthetic but come on, let’s not get carried away with these stunts.

  5. She might as well have wrapped a bed sheet around her. I don’t mind experimenting with modern twist to a saree but this particular one doesn’t look great. But Like the hair and make up, neck up she looks great!

  6. No major love for the outfit but P&P I do love the “dove grey” ? comment of yours. Landing on this website only made me realise that so many colours exist !!!

  7. I may be in the minority but I LIKE her here. These kinda looks was what drew me to Sonam during her initial fashionista days . She was experimenting heavily with clothes that would work only on someone like her but you could see a bit of co-ordination in the overall look – in this case, the pumps that match with the stripes in the saree and earrings that don’t standout/clash with the rest of the look. But nowadays she seems to turn out like she was dressing up until she was at her doorstep , throwing on anything and everything she could get her hands on on the way. Here’s hoping she goes back to her senses.

  8. Fashion bloggers should stop being complicit in the bastardization of a unique and sacred cultural garment. Call it an apesuit, draped sheet, skirtsheet, sheetskirt, puffythingy, whatever you want…but please stop calling every pleat-n-sash monstrosity a sari. #notasari

  9. my reaction was -I totally love it..instead of looking at it as just sari I ike the way the drape technique of sari has been used to create a completely new dress.

    I like the idea of matching blouse and contrasting sandals.may be length could have been altered but not sure.

    she has been nailing all sort of sari ways in last few weeks.

  10. first, let’s not call it a saree. an embarrassment would be a better descriptor.
    second, much as I admire Sonam’s adventurousness, sometimes I seriously feel she can’t tell between fierce and funny.
    third, and this will hurt, she doesn’t have the personality to carry all the more outre fashions she tries. she’s a pretty girl, she looks good in regular, well-tailored silhouettes — column dresses, fit-and-flare frocks, smart pant suits, sarees draped the conventional way, even run-of-the-mill palazzos and kurtas
    I’d better shut up now lest the pro-Sonam trolls descend :)

  11. Another gimmicky look. Someboday should make Sonam and Rhea sit down one day and let them know that they are not fashionistas and stylists. They need a basic course in fashion first before unleashing anymore fashionable stuff on the audience.
    They have got in their heads that they must wear something gimmicky at their every appearance.

  12. I don’t understand it at all. And if this is good, then I definitely don’t understand fashion. For me this look is very stuffy and I don’t like it at all.

  13. I agree with some of the comments that this is by no means is a Saree or anything near one. On the kinder note, we can call it a modern draped outfit yes , but not a Saree. That aside now, her hair and make up looks lovely.

  14. forget every little detail of subjective appeal of that horrendous excuse of an outfit.. How are we to agree with a black belt with a gold buckle with stark white shoes. I mean that is school uniform fashion 101 every girl knows never to do.

  15. Are you serious calling this monstrosity good?! Are you hired by her PR or something? Like really, her sense of fashion is an assault on our senses on her best days. As someone mentioned above, she and her stylist thinks she’s being fierce, adventurous and funky but it almost always turns out as utter garbage and hilarious.



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