1. I had always imagined that Sonam will go for off beat and ott dulhan look just for the sake of it. And man was i wrong!
    She looks ethereal!!!!!!! Best wishes to the couple!

  2. My goodness..Sonam looks every inch a beautiful bride. I love that she chose to wear the traditional red lehenga; it’s somewhat understated but has an old world charm about it. Stunning jewelry. Love!

  3. Sigh-( I was expecting so much more . The star like and lotus motif makes it to common almost like its from seasons or kalki. Nothing novel about the look : the head gear feels like it was for an editorial shoot and not her real wedding. She looks nice ; but something is missing! Maybe a bindi would have added something. Underwhelming: I was looking forward to see an Anamika Khanna bridal.

    • I agree . She looks stunning and jewels are gorgeous. But the lehenga left me disappointed. It’s just so generic . Anyway congratulations to the couple

    • Agree! I’m actually really surprised she hasn’t worn AK at all for any of her events yet. She would always blow me away with her fashion choices and I used to wonder what she’d wear for her wedding – this has left me wanting more.

      The jewellery though is undeniably gorgeous and she looks radiant.

  4. One teeny-tiny gripe- missing bindi! She is looking gorgeous! Loving the traditional punjabi chooda too!
    P.S. you guys are up late covering the wedding! Thank you PnP

  5. She went full traditional, not uncommon but conventional traditional lahenga. Her chuda, kaleera, jewelry, matha patti…. maybe its not what’s in trend now but it makes her look gorgeous. Sonam has classic beautiful features and in my opinion, she is one of the few who can pull off this look effortlessly. She looks like a Punjabi princess and I love that she chose Anuradha Vakil again. God bless her marriage and congratulations to the lovely bride and groom.

  6. My god !!!
    She looked drop dead gorgeous .. I know most of the people r going to say OTT .. but why not when it’s such a big day wedding day.
    I love her jewelry … everything compliments her beautifully
    Such a pretty bride

  7. One of the few times Sonam didn’t go over the top! And at least I am glad for it! She looks lovely lovely lovely! Yes a bindi would have been nicer but maybe there was a reason for not having it!

  8. She is a beautiful bride… I liked her traditional attire. The jewels are also perfect… guess a bindi is not essential for Punjabi bride bt wud have elevated the look.Maybe she will do Amamma/Ralph&Russo for the reception..

  9. The bling overdose of bollywood has blinded some folks here it seems. She looks genuinely happy and in love. That is what makes her the prettiest bride. Are we really entitled to entitled to judge a person’s looks on her wedding day? Or call it underwhelming?

  10. She looks lovely. Very traditional and sticking to the conventional red…But its all pure prettiness and regal..

  11. This is what happens when you come to expect the world. She looked amazing but still left with a feeling of being underwhelmed- but hey the Cannes are coming!

  12. hey, is Anuradha Vakil and Anaita Shroff Adajania one and the same?. Times of India has mentioned this name and HHC says Vakil.

    • Anuradha Vakil is the designer who designed her Mehndi and wedding lehangas and Anaita Shroff Adajania is the stylist.

  13. gorgeous but nothing that speaks to her divaesque style and attitude! Lehenga is boring in my opinion. the only thing that was different for me was the choice of south indian temple jewellery. neverthless she does look gorgeous and looks stunning!

  14. She looks incredibly beautiful and how adorable are the videos (just search Sonam in Instagram). Btw, just for my understanding, do Punjabi brides traditionally wear bindis?

    • I come from a sikh family and yes, mostly punjabi brides wear bindi. Not everyday but on special occasions like wedding or parties, it also depends as punjabi community on whole includes hindu, sikh and muslim communities that are from Punjab.

    • Punjabi brides do wear bindis, many also wear the traditional red and white eyebrow bindis, however, Sikh brides don’t always wear bindis. Sonam was having Anand Karaj (Sikh wedding). The head ornament also works here because there is no sindoor in the Anand Karaj.

      • I am Sikh and did not wear a bindi at my wedding. I don’t think it would have been an issue if I wore it but no one really brought it up.

  15. For a fashionista her lehenga is very high street. Neither fashion nor traditional. Its so designer wear from the 90’s. Im actually surprised she chose it.
    Thank god for her smile. She def is the glowing bride but why does someone so beautiful need to drown herself in jewellery and embroidery like this?

  16. OMG guttapusala haram from Telangana on a Punjabi bride…. awesome.
    Even the papada billa (head jewellery) is also from Telangana.

  17. I understand how it’s her big day and all but damn she’s drowning in all that fabric and jewels. I think she would have looked much better without that elaborate head gear and something more subtle to offset all those jewels. Maybe a gold dupatta to tone down on all that red.
    Having said that all the very best to the couple.

  18. Stunning!!! Great to see an Andhra style guttapusalu on Sonam. I am loving this era of mixing up jewelry styles between different states. Each state has its own amazing jewelry heritage and it is exciting to see brides experimenting with styles from all over the country.

  19. So glad he did not wear a Sabya creation – We have been having a Sabyasachi overload when it comes to bridal wear. This Anuradha Vakil lehenga was such a refreshing change!


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