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Sonam watched the finale show at India Fashion Week on Saturday wearing a sari and jacket by Anamika Khanna with silver jewellery. Love the sari and the jacket but this look had too many issues. The earrings felt overkill and I can’t figure out if it is the hairdo or the makeup wasn’t put right. Why am I seeing that stark foundation line around the forehead?

Sonam Kapoor

Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. You are seeing that line because her foundation is always much lighter than her actual skin tone. And she uses an insane amount of powder to set it.
    As for the saree, don’t like the stark white (a pearly beige linen with a slight sheen would look so pretty) and the embroidery also feels gaudy. Tassels really?

  2. Absolutely hate the saree… especially those Paisley things attached at the border. I had a similar one and the the first thing I did was get them out. But then this is designer…….!!!!

  3. She looks stunning .. but her makeup artist need to figure out her foundation..its been 10 years …neither sonam or makeup artist has managed to figure that out?.. I love her in this avatar.. this kind she does it best

  4. That is some level of bad saree. It lacks imagination, design sensibilities and basic knowledge of the aesthetics of six-yards garment. The bunching of the saree border on her waist near the pleats looks awful because it alone is taking away from the elegance that a saree can bring. I do love her face here – I think the eye makeup and lip colour look fab together, like the earrings too. Those borders are weighing the saree down, literally. Exactly why the saree lacks any aesthetics. The jacket infact is salvaging the already hideous saree; without it, the saree would have looked like stiff pieces of clothing sewed together into six yards.

  5. Hideous looking sari . Awful make . Jewellery overkill. You name it . Can sonam please step down from the top fashionista pedestal . She’s been disappointing since a long time now .

  6. Maybe she got her hair dyed recently and the dye left a thin brown line on her forehead? It happens often when I get my hair colored.

  7. It’s all good, the sash drape to probably show off the border makes it look kind of improper. she looks good, as also I can’t figure any alternate way to wear this saree which has interesting border but on just plane white yard.

  8. It’s pretty much the same saree Rhea Kapoor wore to Deepika-Ranveer reception minus the stupid lettering. A lesson in how to make a bad design worse.


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