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A fashion related event and you are guaranteed Ms. Kapoor to go all out. Oh wait, but doesn’t she all the time?

At the Grazia Fashion Young Awards, the actor was seen in a Delpozo look from the Spring 2016 collection. The shirt with its exaggerated frills and the brocade skirt sure was stunning. On the runway. Unfortunately, on her the frills didn’t quite seem to hold their structure and the blouse lost a lot of its impact. In fact, the limp frills looked even more awkward if you looked at her more closely.

She did do great with the finishing touches though. Loved those Aquazzura sandals. Bummer, about the shirt.



Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. That is looking like one hot mess.
    She should have also refrained from wearing those earrings but then I guess that’s Sonam we are talking about.

  2. I dont know if it’s because I am looking at this from my phone, but that top looks like somebody got inspired by a toddler’s toilet paper art !!

  3. The skirt,the frills,the Keisha stare, the GaGa hair what am I looking at?? The top has enough fabric to hide even Christina Hendricks goods..and the skirt look at the runway model even her barely their waist can’t pull it off..zeezzz

  4. I wish she had swapped out the top for a simpler and a more fitted one. As is this doesn’t work – cos it ends up looking very sloppy. And those earrings need to go.

  5. It’s a great look on the model. But taking it as it is off the runway was a mistake. I feel Sonam and her stylist should have tweaked the look considerably. A different and more basic blouse would have made the look different. I also feel the skirt looks more voluminous and long on Sonam. It wwas a great choice for the given event, but just didn’t come off well!!

  6. Something about the way the skirt falls makes it look like she’s standing behind the skirt 🙂
    I wish the top was different, because this is one of her more interesting looks…
    hair and make up are on point.


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