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Sonam promoted Padman today wearing an Anamika Khanna printed maxi with layered Amrapali jewellery. Yes, up close, the stacked jewellery looked lovely but from afar, it didn’t quite stand out because of the busy print.

Movie promotions yesterday and today saw her do separates which she didn’t seem to fare any better in. Individually each of the pieces were interesting but they just didn’t seem to come together to make a cohesive look. Both outfits looked so awkward. Agree?

Sonam Kapoor at Padman Promotions

Sonam Kapoor at Padman Promotions
Left: In Fear of God and Balenciaga
Right: Janashai & Comme des Garçons

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. 1. Nice dress. Overdid it. Less is more Sonam. Less is more.

    2. Those court heels just don’t go. With any of it. Not the sweatshirt and not the lycra legging things.

    3. Nice for an editorial & when a picture is taken from an odd perspective with an angled pose. I can picture her in person & the proportions are just off.
    All the different layered dimensions & cuts are cutting each other up – of the clothes and the shoes.

      • omg ! that maxi look with that jewellry and that volimunous hair and those boots.. WTHEYYY to another level.. can she stop over accessorising and overthinking her looks.. we got it that you loads of clothes, jewellry to show off but you’ll get more chances .. tone it down girl..
        let us see more of you as a person that is currently hiding behind your overpowering wardrobe.

  2. So wish to like her looks.. but end up being absurd to the point of silly. The grey sweats nice but brought down by the tight pants n booties.. the printed dress would have been nice with boho feel but the fit is offff,

  3. What is wrong with her!!! Has she forgotten to wear pants in the second picture? Are they just leggings/ stockings? And I do not understand the blue monstrosity. She has completely lost her fashion game.

  4. Oh god!1 What all do we see for the love of fashion! The first look- so busy that it did not need any jewelry! I love the jersey/sweatshirt in the second picture but the tights are so tight that I ogle at not so apt areas! The third look – I’m still confused in what I’m looking at! Oversized, ill-fitted top/coat in the name of designer wear??

  5. those black tights …it looks like batmans costume without the outer underwear ..in the maxi dress she looks gorgeous….let me not get started on the third outfit..i need a page or two to express my grief

  6. She looks great in all the outfits…but the printed AK maxi is so pretty, including the jewelry. Love the boho vibe hair too. Gotta say…she needs to show those long legs more often.

  7. Who pays for her clothes etc. for these promotions? What character does she play in the movie?

    Her life is all about clothes, brands, various looks, photo shoots etc.. Tiresome. Grating.

  8. She wore the maxi dress during promotions at Narsee Monjee,Mumbai. A friend who studies there sent me her pictures. I was just waiting when you guys would put this up on the blog. :)

    Would have preferred her wear a solid maxi, cause the jewellery was just too pretty and needed to be the highlighting point of the entire look.

  9. I love her second set of separates, not the first crop top one. I know Sonam has predilection for oversize asymmetrical cut shirts and tops but I so love her second outing which is simple yet has an elegant touch of hair accessory and jewelry. As for Anamika Khanna, the prints overpower everything else……a less busy print would fare better here. BTW, I hope you guys can focus on her jewelry choices this once, some very interesting outings from her worth an article in my humble opinion. One thing is certain, its never boring with this lady.

  10. Sonam is trying too hard. Rhea if you read this blog, please keep it simple and have fun with fashion. One day surprise us with a simple denim and white tshirt

  11. What the hell is UP with that tights/sweatshirt thing. In another blog, I saw her hair were done in an Aunty joora (bun) with jewellery on it!! This is next level new money FOB ish. I just cannot even.


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