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Gucci Mumbai hosted a soiree to celebrate the Artisan corner where the label’s craftsmen offered a viewing of their skills and assembled four of Gucci’s signature bags.

Sonam Kapoor was one of the few to get a signature Stirrup bag (green bag on the right) for herself and attended the event wearing Gucci head to toe, but of course. Love her look but the low slung belt is a bit of an eye sore. We’d have rather seen it more fitted on the waist.

Left: Gucci, Spring 2012
Right: Sonam Kapoor at Gucci’s Artisan Corner Event

Gucci’s Artisan Corner Event

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  1. this is HIDEOUS!…i am feeling claustrophobic just looking at it. instead of just trying to copy styling of the outfits from runway/magazine , if she actually made the look more personalized then it may have worked.

  2. she looks like a concoction….so much is going on.
    hairstyle(again), eyemakeup, earrings, the necktie, the belt, the bag, the weird pants….list goes one……

    she should stop dressing always like a runway model. the model looks less cluttered than her & is carrying the look better (her pumps suit the look rather than sonams sandals).

  3. All the things that occurred to me when seeing the pic are all said above….it’s hideous….so much going on that nothing stands out. Weird pants…..and is she carrying a black clutch toooo!!!

  4. THis is just too busy to like. What’s with those earrings? EPIC FAIL!!! In Sonam’s case this should almost be a WTHey

  5. Its a bad look.there’s nothing to love. Vey busy outfit with too much going on. The pants are hideous on her. The bag, the belt, the earrings…. I dont get it at all


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