Sari Style

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Sonam gave us two sari looks back to back wearing a floral Sabyasachi to a wedding on Saturday and a white Anamika Khanna to the Midday party on Sunday.

As pretty as the white sari was, the long sleeved blouse felt a bit too mature. Loved the Sabyasachi look.


Sonam Kapoor
Left: At Aggarwal Wedding Reception
Right: at Midday Jagran 100 Million Hearts Party

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  1. I wish she would do a look like this at Cannes! She looks gorgeous, i dont even mind the full sleeved blouse. I like the full sleeve blouse look.

  2. She looks super duper fabulous. Yes the long sleeved blouse feels a bit mature but she still makes it work. Now where can I buy these sarees from…..

  3. The white lace sari shilpa wore at the same event was much better. Also the way shilpa draped it and the way she carried it off was much elegant and sharp. Sonams white sari length could have been 2 inches shorter. I wish u girls had done a side by side of them in the white saris as it was at the same event.

  4. I came here after commenting on Kiran Rao’s post. this is just so overdressed! Somehow reminds of my aunty’s bed pillows with 2 full covers, a half cover plus a bow.

  5. LOL!!! Pnp mature??? She is 30! You want her to dress like she is a teenager? For once in her life she looks regal in both looks and not like she is starring in a “fashion girl gone wild” series. Pls why dont the both of you also grow up and “mature”.


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