From Runway To Real Life To Photo Shoot

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The dash of pink and those Spicy Heels sure make this dress way more interesting on Sonam than on Freida with her monochromatic look. Agree?


Left: Louis Vuitton, Resort 2009
Center: Freida Pinto at Vogue India Party in Delhi
Right: Sonam Kapoor in Hi Blitz April 2009

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  1. agreed
    Freida reminds me of my grandmother (in a good way, lol, I get my fashion sense from my grandma)
    ..but she has that girl-next-door vibe going for her
    Sonam is pure fashion (and I LOVE the angle on that dress…Freida looks so awkward)

  2. I would gladly accept the inevitability of soaking my feet for hours if I could have those shoes. And Sonam looks fabulous! She’s got some neck so she doesn’t look like she’s drowning/being strangled like Freida is.

  3. LOVE those sexy spiky heels, and sonam looks great as always. She is MADE for editorials

    Awww love frieda she always looks beautiful 🙂

  4. Looks like good amount of photoshopping went into that cover–those skinny arms and legs. Sonam is gorgeous. Nonetheless. Love her effortless styling.

  5. Sonam looks good because she is so thin and tall, nice to see that Freida has kept up with her cross legged pose. This look is good for a photo shoot, few people would look good in a puffy dress.

  6. I love the dress, there is nothing extraordinary about it but its something thats classic and never gets out of fashion, like Charlotte’s dressing sense in sex and the city, she according to me was one of the best dressed on the show, even better then Sarah Jessica because 50% of the dresses Sarah Jessica wore were plain ridiculous and you wont see a sane person wearing those clothes on the streets even if its new york..

  7. I agree Sidharth. Charlotte was the best dressed. She was classy and stylish. This dress is just like that yet it’s not yawn inducing.


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