1. Hey P&P

    I absolutely love ur blog and addicted to death. U guys rock. I emailed you about some pictures this moring. Do I get a reply :) ? And yes they are abt sonams latest photoshoot

  2. WOW!! Sonam looks gud.. i wonder how she manages to look so different every time.. i wud say this is pure confidence that shows up on her face carrying these outfits… gr88888 going..

  3. Sonam looks stunning!!! Her eye-make-up let’s her down a little but my goodness…her walk seems flawless!! And I love what she is wearing…she carries it off so well!!

  4. I love this blog. its fab. Sonam is a dam chamaleon. She really knows how to transform herself and pull it off. Love her on the hoardings as well. Found it hard to believe that its the same girl from sanwariya.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the clothes
    and, while I hate Sonam (don’t kill me, I saw her in a nasty interview) I have to concede that she looks good in clothes :)
    and she knows which designer to be the face of, this is outstanding
    although HER face is not very …pretty on this, maybe she’s just nervous

  6. I love what I see of the collection here. Definitely seems more cohesive and wearable than some of the stuff we have seen from other designers. Nice!!

  7. She is a beautiful girl but not in this pic. She looks sick or nervous or whatever. But the girl can totally pull off any look effortlessly. I love her – shes a sweetie.

  8. dont think she makes clothes look nice but she gets lucky each time with whoever styles her….but then again she spoils it all with that smile of hers, she should get her teeth reconstructed…

  9. I know a lotta u guys just looooooooooooooooove sonam. Ok the girl is nice lookin and all…but seriously in this picture…she leaves much to be desired. Her outfit itself is quite nice but she looks sick or something…am just not diggin it…but hey thats just me!

  10. Sonam’s aim was to walk the ramp as naturally and un-model esque as possible and she achieved that. I think when we think couture or even fashion for that matter in India, we think of glamour, bling, tons of make up and accessories but hats off to Anamika Khanna and Sonam Kapoor too for re-inventing how we percieve couture and fashion in general. Subtle yet chic and luxurious.

  11. no surprise, Sonam does look nice in these clothes but if you look closely, she appears to have dark circles around the eyes…maybe it’s just make up but I hope she’s not starving herself to look thin. just a caution Sonam, if you’re reading this.

    she can truly carry off any dress, whether it’s from the street or from rodeo drive.

  12. Sonam doesn’t look gorgeous ladies! Unless you believe chewing on a stick of celery is the equivalent of a Wazwan meal. Or that Rachel Zoe looks wholesome. If anything Sonam looks dowdy, her make-up artist ought to be scalded (not not just scolded) for making this young girl look like a dowager and the dress is just awful. The operative word here is Jhalla.

  13. Wow … Sonam looks stunning … head to toe … love her shoes, hair and makeup …
    And Anamika has created some beautiful clothes … That are totally wearable …


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