Wearing It Again. Differently.

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Sonali wore her black sari again this time going for a black blouse instead of contrasting like she did before with a red one.

While, my vote goes to the black on black one, which one gets yours?


Left: At ‘Via Darjeeling’ Premiere, Jul 2008
Right: At Raghavendra Rathore’s Zoya launch, May 2009

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I think the red stands out more – anyway contrast blouses have been in for awhile, although the black looks fine but boring. Are those chinese letters all over the sari? I’m not sure if I like that too much though, although the black and white printed look is great.

  2. Ensemble is not really anything to write home about, but of the 2 I like the red and black, the black on black is too blah..

  3. i prefer the black too, because her hair is done nicely in that pic. she looks more sophisticated in that one. good to see her improving the style. i hope i haven’t spoken too soon.

  4. LOVE this sari, it’s very unique and different..definitely my style 🙂 I like the black on black better…hey can you tell me if this is a satya paul sari or where i can find this?


  5. I voted for the black, but upon closer inspection (read: the nails and bracelet), I like the red a bit more. I think the sari is fantastic. It’s an interesting way to blend such different cultures. Love it!

  6. I prefer the black on black b’cas of Sonali’s makeup and hair. Her hair is all over the place in the first picture and has she lost weight?

  7. yes like the black too. The red would have been good too if she hadn’t painted her nails as well.
    Lovvve the sari though. Something I would love to wear.

  8. I like the balck and red.. the sari stands out more with the contrast .. with the black one the sari looks boring i think, tho her makeup and hair is better in the black and black one…

  9. I would’ve gone for the red & black but her blood red nails, wild hair and bloated look just don’t hold a candle to the sophistication she is oozing in the black on black pic…..love the pulled back hair, and the saree is gorgeous in itself.

  10. I like the red blouse but it’s sorta too much of a contrast. Maybe a less intense red, or a blue one would have been better. So I picked the black, cuz even though it’s safe..it’s better than the red one here.


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