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Sonal stuck to keeping things simple and casual for the most part while out and about recently. Have a favorite look?

Sonal Chauhan

Sonal Chauhan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Oh God.
    I fervently hope this just-sweatshirt-no pants look doesn’t become any more popular. The upper and lower body can’t exist in two different climate zones surely?! Winter on top, summer on bottom. Ridiculous. Can’t be comfortable, and sure as heck, doesn’t even look good. Throws off all proportion, not to mention how silly it looks. Skin is not pants.

    • This is an oversized sweatshirt pretending to be a dress. I like shirt dresses and own several of them. This is not how they look.
      P.S. My teenage daughter wears them all the time around the house but never in public.

  2. The all white and the striped tee looks fine. In fact the tee and t shirt looks comfy for travel.

    The sweatshirt without pants and pointy shoes is super confusing. This is not a trend it’s just bad fashion sense.

    I don’t mind a good mini. But this one is close to qualify as a belt than a skirt.

  3. Whilr everyone is commenting about her missing pants….. I’m in awe of her figure and those legs. This lady has not aged one bit from the last 10 years! Way to go Sonal….
    Very inspiring !


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