In Dimple Shroff

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It was a one-shouldered Dimple Shroff gown for Ms. Chauhan, one that she wore with her hair in a sleek middle parted do.

Tell me, I am not alone, in feeling that this gown was an accident waiting to happen. There is doing sexy subtly and then there is doing it in a way that is too in your face. This look belonged to the latter category.

As you can tell, we were hardly fans! This look wouldn’t be so bad if the bust didn’t have the barely holding on to two patches by a thread detail.


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Can’t help but wonder what your response would be if this were an A-list star and not a Starlet. Having already established yourselves as prudes, this is yet another feather in that hat. Why are you calling out someone for displaying their sexuality in ways that don’t confirm to your feudal moors? Isn’t that defeatist in a way for you guys, who proudly claim to not fat shame but never shy away from slut shaming? Grow up guys. And remember Thumper’s rule – if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say nothing at all.

    • Very well said Alisha. Almost like you read my mind. Every point that I wanted make is made so perfectly. Only better put. You go girl. PS- I think Sonal looks stunning.

    • Hi Alisha,
      Clearly this post coming on the heels of Kajol’s has struck quite a nerve. While you may or may not believe, more probably the latter, my aim here was definitely not to shame. Am sorry you feel that way. Sometimes one posts something and it is read in a completely differently tone. I will definitely try to do a better job with that.

      If you read some of Ms. Chauhan’s past posts, you know we have liked plenty of her appearances and haven’t categorized her into anything. In fact, here, you called her a starlet. Not us.

      At the end of the day, Ms. Chauhan can choose to wear what she wants but I also have the right to say how I feel about it. I think what gives this blog its authenticity (at least that is what we think) is that we say what we have on minds freely. Having said that though, like I said earlier, I personally will try to ensure that the tone of how I put my thoughts into words doesn’t come off as an attack.

      Keep in mind, while I may not reply to any more comments on this thread, am always constantly taking notes for the future. 🙂


      • Ohh..thats a great response. On a side note, I am not on instagram but I often check yours and Priyanka’s pics and must say you ladies are not typical try-hard NRI fashionistas! (Sorry if it sounds offensive to some) Have seen many women on social media who have shifted their base to US post marriage and with access to all major brands and offcourse a social environment where women can wear just about anything, every other woman has turned into self proclaimed fashion icon. Even Indian based fashion bloggers fall into same category where they over accessorise the outfit and always opt for OTT makeup! You ladies are not prude but classy! Cheers to you both!

    • A bit harsh. Payal is only commenting on the design of the dress and if at all, she is dress shaming not slut shaming. It would get pretty boring if Payal and Priyanka liked every single outfit. Note to P and P please don’t stop with your outfit analyses, I love to see how your fashionista minds work. As a non fashionista myself it is interesting to see what may break or make an outfit, even though I may not always agree.
      p.s. I thought Sonal looks good and the dress interesting.

    • Hi Alisha,
      Am all up for standing up for women and owning up their curves (or the lack of it) in all shapes and forms. I also often disagree with P&P’s comments on likes/ dislikes. But we need to give people the freedom to say that they found something ‘too in your face’. Heck, that was a perfectly fine phrase.
      There was no shaming, no bad mouthing, no negativity. Just a dress they didn’t like. And the response to that is that they’re prudes with feudal moors who slut shame women?
      Giving feedback is indeed an art, and one that you could learn from. With all your good intentions, you came across as spewing hate. I’m sure you’re wonderful and meant good, but they’re not the ones who crossed the line here, you did with that statement.
      This is one of the few blogs that keeps things civil, let’s be respectful of that yah. Peace & cheers. X

  2. I think she looks great. I agree with the above comment by Alisha. The dress has the perfect fit, is styled well, I can’t find a fault. It is meant to be sexy.
    Maybe you should keep your comments to : “what do you guys think?”

    • So they are running this blog, which basically is a commentary on fashion. But, they can’t have an opinion? That’s ridiculous. You might not agree with what they say, but for heaven’s sake it’s their blog. Fashion is subjective and we keep coming back to this blog because we want THEIR subjective commentary on it because somehow something strikes a chord with us.
      Even if you don’t agree, nobody has the right to shame them and tell them that they can’t express their opinions if it’s not popular.
      It’s like that meme (which is so suited for Indian society):
      Society: be whoever you are
      Society: no not like this

  3. You guys are such prudes :)) I though she looks really hot and pulls off the tricky outfit rather well!
    On a side note, we readers do notice fashion bias, and while I agree that its your blog and your prerogative, the criticism is always a tad harsher on some folks that are not (yet) on the power list.
    And…peace :)…

  4. The problem is the trimmed bust cups. In corsetry or foundation garments, you’re supposed to lift the chest and slim the waist. One side of her chest his flattened, pressing her underarm out, that’s not flattering. The other side is oozing out. Both the cups are tracing, they use beige ones it seems. You need to line the cups in a similar colour or construct one from scratch. The fact that you only have a cord holding the front is bold and not the issue. I spot a few other problems as well, but don’t want to get into it. I have no idea who this designer Dimple Shroff is, but well done! This is still better than some of the other dastardly gowns we get to see on this sitre 🙂 , with bad fits, some by famous designers.

  5. Please dont be such biased prudes…… Sonal is carrying off the look with an ease and she owns every bit of it….She looks fabulous. The look is simple and striking….

    I agree with Alisha had it been some A lister your opinion could have been different…

  6. I think this is a blog were we are free to say what’s on our minds and Alisha’s comment is harsh and blunt! Yawn..Blah!
    I think she looks good , except the bust seemed like the oops moment dress..

    • well if we are free to say what’s on our minds on this blog then i see nothing wrong in what Alisha and many others said (that was on their mind ). and i do somewhere agree that it were any A lister (read Deepika, Sonam etc) we would’ve read endless praises from the same ladies. i would’ve agreed with PnP if Sonal wasn’t carrying off this gown with so much ease. on the contrary i can’t find a single fault in this look. except that its criminal to have such a FAB body. one of the best looks of the evening for me .

  7. She looks fantastic! Sonal has the perfect body for it. I love the fact that she is confident in that risque outfit which reflects in her body language and didnt resort to stupid alterations (which many celebs have been accused of doing in this page) or have a hairdo which hides the cleavage. Seen plenty of decolletage on many here which will give you bloody sore eyes for days to come. Here she looks friggin’ good and makes her look even more of a success compared to the other try hards.


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