In Tanieya Khanuja

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Sonakshi, who also performed at the BSE Awards, walked the red carpet in a lace Tanieya Khanuja gown with jewellery from the recently unveiled KJo for Gehna jewellery line.

At first glance itself, I loved this look and that isn’t changing. But, the more I stare, the more I feel that a sleeveless version would’ve made for an even better look.


Sonakshi Sinha at Big Star Entertainment Awards 2014

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. how could you wear this.. the nude patch is very distracting and i was shocked that she had such a big butt .. but it was just the design which is giving that illusion.

  2. Oh my good Lord! This is the most tactastic dress I’ve seen… those black panels, the mesh! She looks huge! And cheap. How, how do you love THIS P&P!

  3. You ‘loved this look at first glance’?! how?? It’s a fugly bodysuit with lace trimmings and a booty cape. Revolting.
    Sonakshi you were doing well..and now you do this.

  4. Someone with patterned tyres drove down her hands and over her dress. Can we save the over-laciness for lingerie please? Btw, love her face.

  5. I think she looks sublime and the gown echoes vintage Dior. Yes P&P, Sonakshi knocked it out of the park with this one. Her hair and make-up complement this outfit perfectly.

  6. Oh no oh no oh nooo! The gown is hideous..and most unflattering on Miss Sinha. Why would anyone opt for something that’s a no on both counts?

  7. This dress is FUG. Why does Sonakshi blindly accept every choice of her stylist!? First, Sakshi has ruined Ileana’s style and now she’s doing the same to Sonakshi. WHYYY


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