In Shantanu and Nikhil

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Looking pretty in a pink Shantanu and Nikhil gown, Sonakshi picked up Mumbai’s Most Stylish Desi Diva Award at the HT Most Stylish Awards.

The light pink gown was paired with a Manish Arora for Amrapali ring and a ear cuff and contrasting the overall pink look were cyan colored nails and eyeshadow.

Our minor gripe (a major in our books) about this look were the talons. Colored long nails just make us shudder.


Sonakshi Sinha at HT Most Stylish Awards 2014


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Ok, I am a girl, but I gotta say it, she has a cute bottom! This dress can go wrong on a lot of people, but boy she’s making it work. Not too crazy about the nails also.

  2. The nails are perfect! Again and again you girls complain about this but i will no doubt continue to disagree!

    It’s your blog and you are entitled to your opinion but i personally think you’re living in a bubble!

    • Yeah, a bubble sheltered from ghetto culture! Fake nails, check. Witch-long, check. Obnoxious color, CHECK. That’s a pretty gown too but she’s ruining it.

      • I think it might come from trying to take a pretty gown & make it edgy with the overall styling. There is a dichotomy between the hair & her accessories. This gown is not the right look for this event imo anyway. She ended up looking good but overdressed like Tisca & SRK.

  3. I really don’t like the dress material or the high neck but Sonakshi is managing to still work whatever she has on. She could def have worn a wayy better dress though.

    • +1
      The high neck & material aren’t good.
      Dont like the hairstyle, lipcolor and accessories. A hair knot, earrings, a nice clutch to add some color.

  4. I think she looks great; as for the nails, although personally not a fan (for myself), however, its something I’ve seen LOTS of young women experiment with; if cyan bothers you, you should see the girls here in the middle east. I think its fun!

  5. Well in the minority here-I think this looks bad. She looks bad. She doesn’t pull off the color-in her defense not many could-the fit is odd. I’m not a fan of the back like many are.

  6. The high neck of the gown does not suit her. But she has come a long way from wearing clothes that never suited her body type to these. The nails look just fine but I wish she didnt have such a stark cyan against pink which makes it look a bit ghetto. The weight loss seems to have given her much confidence to try out new silhouettes . Good for her.

  7. The material along with the draping around chest doesn’t photograph well under flash. I agree that she looks stunning. Not digging the long nails either.

  8. Stuff yous all gronks with the negative feed back
    I only have few words about this chick
    She is like queen B of bollywood.
    Not a big fan of bollywood’s chicks
    Coz usually they are skinny as a stick
    But this women has got some serous n beautiful
    Curves .
    N yea she does have very ARAB looking features
    . ….khamosh lol


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